29 août, 2007

Tic toc....t-minus 6 days

Six days in which I will go CUCKOO! I will know whether I got in to school or not in 6 days. Honestly, I don't have a grasp on what my chances are, but I'm preparing myself for the worst. The guy at the school said there are always spots available, but it depends on if they find you qualified or not. So what are these criteres they ask for, you may wonder. The first two you have to have and the rest just give you priority over other candidates, the more you have.

Well, I've compiled a list for your(and by your, I really mean my) pleasure:

Two years of higher education studying English.
I gots 4 and it was IN English, will that work?

Six months abroad in an anglo country is highly recommended.
Let's see...carry the 1, minus 5, plus 3. So I have umm...276 months, is that good?

Well, I took AP classes in High School and had a decent GPA in college...but, of course you had to have proof, so even though I wrote it, they prob won't count it.

Maitrise or master 1 acquired before submission of application.
Well, licence which is 2 years is equal to our 4 year degree, so this one's a no unless they are somehow unaware of that.

Assistantship or lecture position in an anglo country.
Yeah, I kinda did my assistantship here in France. So, again no.

Teaching experience.
This I have and it was in English for two years, so that's good to go. Plus, I tutored English and French for 1 year, although as I have no proof, this doesn't count.

Modules of preprofessionnalisation et/ou de...
Yeah, let me just stop that right there with a big ol' NO.

Language training sessions.
No, as I don't think my 8 days of stage for the assistantship would count so much.

So, do you see why I have all this confuzzlement? Luckily I am spending the day tomorrow(I get up at 4:30!!!) flying back to the states and then this weekend is the wedding and I don't get back until late Monday night. So, I will be very distracted up until Tues when roomie will call in for me and email me the answer(yikes!!) It will be nice to be back, but as it works out, I only have one full day at home with my fam and the rest are just parts of days or late nights. If only I could stay a bit longer, I know my parents and sis are pretty bummed about that. But, I had to buy a ticket leaving Wed night in order to get in Thurs morning to get to Rennes Thurs afternoon to be here for Fri morning in case I ever get into school and have to start. Why they have to start on a Fri, I do not know. Classes at the Fac would start Mon, Sept 24...grr. Oh well, can't change anything, unfortunately.

I have been absent for almost a week at this point. And, guess what? I will be absent again for a week after. My apologies to my dear readers aka I'm probably just apologizing to myself. I will update on University status next week once I know the answer, so keep those doigts croise-d because I still have a bit of a wait. Please wish me tons of merde(eww, sounds gross!)

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Samantha a dit…

Here's wishing you all the merde in the world!!

Have a good trip home - at least you'll have lots going to on to distract you!

Crystal a dit…

merde to you! im hoping for the best for you :)

nicole a dit…

Good luck and lots of merde to you!

Karina a dit…

what degree are you applying for? Master 2?

Victoria a dit…

good luck et merde!!

Leah a dit…

Saw this all just now. Thanks everyone!! :)