12 août, 2007

Mini vacances

Cancale beach

I'm back from another weekend away and I had a blast. We went back again to the roomie's house in Cancale except, this time, with two copines who couldn't make it last time. Plus, this time roomie's rents were there along with mamie and Orki, the 3 lb dog. Fun times. I'll give you a little run through of my weekend.

Roomie, C and I decided to do something on Friday to fete roomie being off for two weeks. So, it was apero chez-nous and a lovely chicken curry dinner vite fait along with a special surprise dessert of Magnum chocolate and almond ice cream bars. Miam miam! Our interesting(read:cat lady) neighbor even swung by to ask us (again) if her cat that meanders through the building had been bothering us at all and proceeded to tell us the same exact stories she had told just us a few days earlier. Also, she apparently wants to invite us for the apero and have me translate her gospel music. Sounds like a great time(insert sarcasm.) She's nice enough, but I basically think she's a little spe and wanted/wants someone to talk to. We will see. Umm, and apparently she knew that I was American just from word-of-mouth around the building. Which is interesting because, besides our neighbors one floor up that are three young dudes, I have never said more than a bonsoir or bonjour to anyone here, so I'm quite perplexed as to how she knew. Peu importe...new (cat lady) friends are always welcome. Enfin bref, Fri was a (lot) bit of wine, dancing at the apt and then out on the town with some fun girls...good times!

Silliness on Friday

We headed for Cancale around 1 after I, ahem, finally rolled out of bed at 12:30 and then we were off! We dropped our bags off at roomie's and then headed direct for the plage, baby!! Jen and I frolicked in the water and I managed to get knocked over by a wave and lose my lovely designer sunglasses(that I bought at the outlets)...but still, that was sad. Helas. I did, however, manage to get a little color(not too much as I insisted I stay under the parasol like the paranoid geek I am), so I can hopefully look a tad less ghastly(kidding.) We stayed for a couple hours, then walked back to roomie's to shower and have an apero with her fam. They freaking rock. So, we chatted for a bit and then headed out to St. Malo to meet up with two of roomie's friends at a yummy pizzeria. We were staaaarving, so there wasn't much chatting until we started to fill up our bellies with yummy pizza and that's when we decided we would head to a bar that the girls used to go to in their Uni days. Well, the bar did have good music, but was kinda dead to be honest and approximately 5000 DEGREES. Between the heat and the smoke, I had to go outside to take a break and I took Jen with me. It was there she spotted the Becassine figurine she's been wanting to get and we vowed to come back and do a bit of shopping and strolling the next day. We ended up trying another bar, but besides the WASTED British tourists, it was dead and the music was moyen. So, we didn't stay out too late as we weren't very motivees and headed back to crash into bed as we were pretty beat too.

The tinyness that is Orki

We got up around midi and had a lovely breakfast/lunch of brioche and tea, sausage, green beans and pasta. Hehe. It was fairly cloudy, then started to drizzle, so we decided the beach would be out and we would head to St. Malo instead. Luckily by the time we got there, it stopped raining and was pretty nice out. We basically strolled around along with the gazillions of people, wandered in and out of shops with the final goal of Jen buying her Becassine and all of us indulging in some gourmandise with a beignet nutella. Yummmm. We slowly made our way out of the walled city and back to the car to head back to Rennes. All in all, a great weekend with great friends!

Sunday Brunch...please ignore the sales gueules;)

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