13 avril, 2008

Update city

What have I been up to this past week? Umm, pas grand-chose really. I always feel like I want to update only when I have big news or manage to squeeze something slightly humorous out of my you-know-where. But, I guess I could go ahead and fill you in anyways even if it means you might fall asleep whilst reading. Tant pis! Well, first this week has been a whole messa stuff all over the appart because Roomie#1 is leaving next weekend. There have been boxes, bags and bordel, basically. The majority of the stuff in the apartment is hers, including the frigo, machine a laver, the kitchen table, the dining room table and 4 chairs. Oh, did I also forget to mention all the pots&pans, silverware, utensils, tupperware and the broom, mop and vacuum? Yep, all that too. I luckily managed to snag a free couch and 4 free chairs to replace what she'll be taking with her, but the other stuff, ben ca va etre chaud. Basically, Roomie#2 is gonna buy a fridge that he'll take with him when he eventually moves out and for the other stuff we were hoping to find a new roomie(no news there either, le casting nouveau coloc is on hold until I get back) who has meubles and stuff for the kitchen. If not, I guess it'll mean a few trips to the Trocante to buy some new old stuff and Carrefour to get some cheap kitchen stuff. It's kind of nice I'm leaving this Tuesday for vaca so I don't have to stress over this stuff and R#2 can demmerde considering I've already bought a good bit of (cheap) stuff to cover our a$$es in the kitchen as well as managed to snag the free couch and chairs.

Like I mentioned, I'm leaving next Tuesday evening and heading to Marseille, Avignon, Nimes and Bordeaux and I'll be back in Rennes on Wednesday aka don't be surprised if I don't post again for a while. I'm super excited to get away as this will be my first real vaca since last April. Plus, all the places I'm going I've never been before and I'll be having a blast with all the fun people I'm getting to hang with. It will also take my mind away from the fact that I, unfortunately, didn't get the job that I interviewed for this past Thursday. There were a ton of candidates and I think they probably chose someone with more experience than I had, possibly someone a bit older as well. I should find out next week what position in the list I am, but I almost don't want to be second because that'd be one of those "close but no cigar" kinda things. We have strange expressions in English, don't we? Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy my little photo sesh with Sienna dearest and the vid of her caught red-pawed. She's too cute sometimes. Enjoy!


Regal and kind of b**chy all at once

Sweet little pum'kin

05 avril, 2008

Vrai ou faux?

True or False questions :
1) The photos in the last post are from: Avignon, Marseille, Nimes and Bordeaux.

2) Last week I fell in love with a cute, lime green, light jacket that was matched with a white shirt with pretty delicate flowers on it. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a man's coat.

3) CCL(aka Crazy Cat Lady) came by last night at 10:30 PM to ask me to translate 2 words, one of which she already knew.

4) When helping a 6 year old student color in his bonhomme's outfit, I got told that putting red and orange together was, in fact, du n'importe quoi. Exsqueeze me? Baking Powder? Are you 6 or 16?
5) NKOTB(or New Kids on the Block for those of us in the know) is planning a reunion tour and have even recorded new music together. I think they're approximately 100 years old now, but hey, maybe they've still got it! I met Jordan Knight...when I was in college aka wayyyy after they were popular and even still a few years after he had released a single as a solo artist.

The photo quiz was kind of a bust, I think I made it too hard. But, you guys should definitely be able to figure this one out. I am sadly quite predictable. So, go for it!

03 avril, 2008

On my way

Finally some good news, people! Firstly, I have at least 1 interview coming up and potentially a second. Which is at least better than no interview at all. Are my logic skills blowing your mind or what? So, that's bon. Then, my other exciting piece of information is that I now have plans for April vacances!!! FINALLY!!! I haven't travelled this year very much at all and I think it has left a big ol' negative impact on my psyche. I needs me some travellin or else I really start to get a major case of hot feet. Well, thanks to my good friend, L, who's here in Rennes with me and needed a travelling buddy and my favorite Avignon blogger, I'm set as a jet. For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos other people have taken so you can see where I'm heading. Five points to whoever can tell me which cities!