23 août, 2007

Luck be a lady tomorrow?

Tomorrow is IT. Tomorrow morning I will be at the Prefecture with freaking bells on. Despite the fact that so far in Project Edumacate me, France is up by approximately 5 gagillion points to my 1 point, tomorrow will be winner takes all.
I now have in my hot little hands the following documents:
Translated Birth Cert+copy
Justificatif de domicile+copy
Justificatif de ressources+copy
Attestation de pre-inscription+copy
Certificat de visite medicale+copy
3 HORRIFIC identity photos

I will also be bringing my life in paperwork form with me, of course.

I'm a good person.

I have a good feeling about this.

I still have yet to toss my cookies or cry my eyes out.

Another girl in the same situation already tried to change status and they told her she HAD to go back to the US. Uh oh.

Everything paperwork-wise has gone really smoothly for the most part and I've been waiting for some sort of nightmare. Double uh oh.

Bad things come in threes and I've already had two majorly bad things happen this year. Triple uh oh.

I'm not actually accepted into the school yet(which brings up a whole nother set of worries!)

I will probably end up with some nasty witch(replace w with b) who hates Bush and, therefore, me.

France doesn't care that I'm a good person.

Wow, a good feeling? That's promising(insert sarcasm.)

The vomit and the tears are soon to come!

As is tradition, I am expecting the worst so that I can hopefully be pleasantly surprised. But, like I said, everything has gone smoothly for the most part except with the *@&$!%^# rectorat, so I have been just waiting for whatever lucky charms I have fallen upon to fail me at any point now. I know it sounds pessimistic, but I just don't want to get my hopes up and be crushed if it doesn't work out(I literally just almost typed when it doesn't work out, you see how I am?!) So, I will give it a go and please wish me luck because honestly, I think that's the only thing that will guarantee me the opportunity to stay here and get into school. Yikes!

3 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

Well, I think you've got a great chance - and who cares about your friend that already got refused (personally, if I was her, I'd just have gone back and tried another day and talked to someone else).

Tomorrow will go swimmingly - just be confident and act all convincing. Maybe even lie a bit and say that the secretary told you you would get in, but couldn't actually give you the paper because the responsable was still on vacation, and then crack a joke about everyone being gone during the month of August. And sympathize with the *poor* fonctionnaire about having to be stuck at work while everyone else is gone. (But just in case, maybe you should wear a shirt that shows a bit of cleavage, LOL).

Crystal a dit…

I agree with Samantha...young woman+cleavage = getting anything you want in France..unless of course you get some dried up old hag at the préf.

Anyway, good luck again and I really hope it works out. If you are staying, we have to plan a get together very soon to celebrate!

Leah a dit…

Thanks for the messages, les filles. And, Sam, that girl that got denied was told the wrong info it seems.
PS-I did wear something that I could have easily gotten my cleavage on with, but it was a lady. I don't think I've ever seen a guy at the etranger guichet at my Prefecture, come to think of it!