28 août, 2006

Girlie girl slash chill weekend

So, this weekend turned out to be about being a girlie girl like whoa. On Fri, my sis and I held a jewelry party at her apt where we had some friends, family and coworkers over to check out some gorge Lia Sophia jewelry. We had been to a party at sis's friend's house a month ago and really liked the jewelry and the lady that was selling it, so we decided to host our own party and invite our peepz. Well, little did we know how much work we would end up putting into it. I was organizing, cleaning and cooking like nobody's business, but it was well worth it. Everybody had a fab time and got to buy some super cute jewelry(including me and sis) and it was nice to see some people we hadn't in a while. About being girlie, if the fact that we hosted a jewelry party doesn't already testify, let me also point out that my sis made Sangria and we also all drank Smirnoff Twisted Watermelons. Yummo...I likes me some girlie drinks(and beer too!) Anyway, needless to say that there was a looooot of estrogen up in that piece.

On to more girlieness, my sis and I spent a good bit of Saturday making cards. That's right, folks, we were Stampin Up! I'm talking glue pens, glitter, flower-shaped paper punches, painting chalk, stamps and varied shades of cardstock. I made cute frenchie ones that I can send to peepz in the states (you know, guilt them into sending me stuff...haha!) and then I also made one that I messed up and tried to salvage, but I just continued to make worse and worse. Looks like the rents should be expecting a card from me sometime soon! I basically spent almost this entire weekend lazing away at my sis's, which was so nice to do- I felt like I was on vaca! Going back to work tomorrow is gonna be rough, that's for sure. But, between jewelry shopping all Fri night, stamping my little fingers off on Sat and organizing cards and postcards people have sent me recently today, I'm pretty girlied out. That being said, I'm dying to get my paws on all my albums so I can go through them and pick out pics I want to bring to France with me to hang up and also to have in a little album-I'm gonna try to not bring as many frames this time and none of my major albums, but it's hard since I loves me some photos. This girlie girl is spent, though, so I'll have to say à tantôt for now!

Lauren and Pam saying hell to the no to the food

23 août, 2006

(Un)Prepared mélange

Disclaimer: Please bare with me if this is a)boring b)sucks in a major way, c)is poorly-written or d)all of the above. Have pity on me, peepz, I'm a newbie!

So, I have an entire month before I leave for France, wait, lemme rewrite that, I only have a month before I pack up my shizzle into a big suitcase that will be packed to the brim along with a hiking backpack. Yikes and a half. With the new restrictions on any sort of liquid not allowed on the plane and people feeling that nervousness again that goes along with flying after 911, I can't help but hope with all my heart that things won't feel so unstable when my time comes along to "hop" on a plane and cross the ocean yet again for the 50 kajillionth time. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a tad, I think this is more like the 50 bajillionth time. Despite the fact that I feel fairly accustomed to moving abroad and starting fresh, it gets more difficult each time.

I think the dealio is that I get used to being over there and there's this certain feeling I have when I live in France that I just love(J, l'anglaise, can attest, I know.) So, it gets harder every time to fall in love with France, so to speak, and then have to pack up and ship out...for the umpteenth time. This time around, I'm hoping to be able to stay past my contract or at least come back for la rentrée in 2007. So, this post is a mix of old feelings resurfacing as well as a new-found sense of hope along with that exciting what's-going-to-happen feeling I get every time I start up something new. And here you thought this post was starting to sound all woe is me and all that shizzy. No, folks..that's just a taste of the crazy roller coaster ride you'd get if I actually keep this puppy up and running!! I'm a rambler.

Well, I have to get my a$$ to bed as I have to get up at 6:30 for the jizzob I only have to withstand for 17 more days...you betta b'leev I gots me a countdown! 34 days til I leave for France!! On that note, I'm outtie. Peace, suckas:)

19 août, 2006

Debating starting my own blog

So, I don't know if I'll start this up or not. But, at least now I won't have to be in grey with my name not underlined if I comment on someone else's blog! If I decide to do this, I'll let you know. For now, I'm just gonna let it sit and decide later. Word to your mere. I'm out.

PS-That's my kitty and she is completely unrelated to the post, but entirely adorable. Aaaand, I got to practice my blogging skillz.