18 août, 2007

Just call me mamie

So, for whatever reason, my P.O.S. mattress has decided to slowly age me by 50 years. The past few nights, I've woken up with a sore neck and back, but it was definitely something I could deal with, though rather painful. However, this morning takes the freakin gateau as my neck and upper back are KILLING me. I literally have to turn my entire body if I want to look to the right or left and look like a complete ARSE, otherwise it feels like teeny tiny knives are ever-so slightly stabbing at my left shoulder blade. I also am more comfortable at a slightly hunched over Quasimodo-like posture, how pretty. Not to mention that when something is funny, I start out with "haha" and end with "owwww holy BEEP". Ahh, how agreable!

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