14 août, 2007

Special visitors

Meet Muffin. One of the first visitors I had here in Rennes was this cute kitty who came to my window for a calin and some croquettes. He apparently was abandoned by his family and he constantly hangs out around our building and several neighbors look after him. He's a very sweet, gentle and nice cat, so I don't know why anyone would have ever abandoned him. The people he used to live with still live in the neighborhood, but he never goes there. He's Sienna's good buddy, but I think she secretly has a crush on him and wants him to be her copain. For being as much of a scaredy cat with other animals(including roomie's 3 lb dog and sis's cat), she and Muffin get along very well and like to sniff each other to see what they've been up to.

Meet Mojito or Momo. This is a tiny kitten my roomate found wandering near a bar right before Thanksgiving. She, of course, could not resist those blue eyes and big ears he hadn't grown into yet and took him back to our apartment to live with us for a while. Momo loved to play and tried to entice Sienna, but she had none of it. She was not a fan of his antics and would hiss at the poor little guy. I, however, thought he was a doll and loved to watch him chase his tail. Since Sienna was already at the apt, roomie decided it would be best to find him a home, so a neighbor a few floors up took him to surprise his girlfriend. We recently heard that the neighbors a few floors up were complaining because there's a cat who constantly meows all the time and we figured out it has to be Mojito. He must miss his first home and us lovely ladies.

Meet Cupcake. I met this kitty in April this year when she came to visit at my window. My sister decided as I had already named the first kitty to visit "Muffin", that this new cat should be called Cupcake. The name just stuck. Cupcake has only been to visit me once and was very skittish and scared, making me think she was a stray. She was very hungry as well, so I gave her some croquettes which I placed on the window sill. Instead of coming right up to the open window, she would paw at the croquettes so they would fall to the ground and she would eat them tranquillement from there. She and Muffin seemed to know each other from around the hood and didn't mind both coming to my window together. About a month later, I saw them across the way, staring each other down and keeping each other company.

I consider myself lucky to have had so many furry visitors this whole time I've been here and hope to have many more!

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