31 juillet, 2008


So, I've been back in the states about 1.5 weeks and I have about 3.5 weeks left. I finally bought my ticket after waiting for eons for some magic price reduction on the horrifically expensive flights. Boo. I'll be back in France on August 22nd and if everything goes ok, I will be starting work in September. I still don't know anything for sure and I can't do anything about it until I get over there because peepz are on vacances plus I need to be there in person. I'm anxious to get things rolling with that and crossing my doigts that it all marches. On freakin verra!

What have I been doing during these past 1.5 weeks, you ask? A lot of nothing. Enjoying being on vacation, watching way too much TLC and Food Network, shopping for jeans(enfin...holey jeans no more!) and other bits, seeing movies such as...Mamma Mia, here I go again, my, my, how can I resist ya? Sorry, I couldn't help myself! I've never really especially been into ABBA or seen the musical, but I decided to go see this with the sis because it looked like fun times. I mean, there was obv the cheese factor there, but if you like musicals in film-form, this is def a fun film. It brought me back to my Musical days in high school and also re-made me want to go to Greece. I'm not sure if/when it's coming to France, but those of you stateside that would like that kind of thing should def go check it out.

What do I have planned for the rest of my time? Well, besides more R&R, I will be starting a temp job tomorrow and doing it through next week too. I'm very excited I got something worked out-I needs to pay the ol' student loans! I've been deferring them for the past few years because I just haven't had the mulah to pay for them on top of everything else, but they started taking the money out of my American account again this past June, so I really need to save up as much money as possible to just leave in my account here so I'll be covered for a while. I will have to eventually use my French debit card to take out some dollars from an ATM here, but I'd like to be covered until Xmas, so as to not have to worry about it. I wonder if I could ever write French checks and have my rents deposit them? Hmm...I know it works with Canadian checks, I'll have to look into it. Anyway, so I have a job for 8 days and it should be pretty easy-peasey, so yay!! That's it from me for now, be back soon!

23 juillet, 2008

I heart fauna

Are you reeeally surprised that the one time I take the time to post I put something like this up? I'm not. Anyways, I thought it was adorable and yes I cry at Hallmark commercials. Haha. No, seriously, I like the little message at the end. Enjoy!

14 juillet, 2008


Oops! I meant to throw in this video I took of the, ahem, very innnnnteresting Tombees of the Nuit, but I forgotteded. Must.distract.them.with.videos.and.pictures. Kidding, but enjoy and feel free to tell me what you think!

Tenter ma chance

I do find it a bit amusing that my last two posts have been on America's national holiday and France's respectively - the celebration of the two places I call home. Or, the place that is always home and the other place where it seems they keep trying to kick me the F out. Kidding...sorta. I'm heading back to the states tomorrow and though I said I wouldn't leave without knowing for sure either way if I'm staying or going, I am doing just that. Yes, I have jobs set up. No, I don't have the whole visa/CDS situation sorted yet. I have very high hopes that things will work out with one of the jobs being able to get me a CDS, but only time will tell. My life has been a huge waiting game in this last while. I went to the fac last week to explain how I was going back to the states and needed an answer or at the very least, an idea of when I could get an answer and fell upon this very unhelpful lady who clearly listened to about 1% of what I said because she responded, "well, we're not going to just up and send your mail to the US." Umm, that's not at all what I asked, bizznatch, thanks for listening. So, no help there. I would fill you in on the job situmacation, but all I can do for now is wait and hope for the best.
So, in the meantime, I'll leave you with a picture of my new shoesies(45 to 40 to 30 to 24 euros with the 2eme demarque!) that I've had my eye on for about 6 weeks or so as well as some ones of the kitty being cute and coquine that show that the stress must have finally gotten to me and I'm apparently a full-fledged cat lady? I also will give you a few updates on things besides all this stressful stay/go drama that have been going on recently.
-Former Roomie#1(the girl) is back with her F Buddy, but at least the bed is a rockin' not just one wall over, but on the other side of town.
-J's leaving to do her teacher training in England for at least one year, if not two. It'll be weird to be in Rennes sans elle, she's one of my orig anglo copines in Rennes.

-We found a new roomie who I will call "Hippie" for now. She's 22 and a student and, perfectly nice, but I was hoping for someone who was more my age, salarie and more of my genre de gens.

-The new old roomie is not my favorite. Truth be told, I would never have chosen him had we not been constrained for time and also had we not had the knowledge that with Roomie#2 leaving earlier than prevu'd, we would have to be doing this whole roomie search all over again sooner rather than later. He is nice and definitely better than the first guy Roomie#1 and I had to deal who stayed enferme'd in his room all the time, but just to give you a reference point, I would describe his caractere with the following words: know-it-all, correcty correcterson, coince du cul, condescending, anal-retentive, lourd, critiquey and power trippy. This time I'll have at home will be a nice break because he is just alllllways around and annoying and wanting to do stuff together. No thanks. You know when people start to get on your nerves and then every little thing they do gets under your skin? Yeah, we're already at that point. I'm not alone in finding him this way, so I don't really think I'm jumping to conclusions, but I will try to give him one more chance not to be annoying and see what happens. But, I think I'm really just going to have to keep my distance so as to be able to deal with him. It just sucks because it's not at all what I wanted my living situation to be in terms of roomates. Luckily, I think Hippie is just like Correcty's other friends, hence why he liked her so much(and passive agressively made it clear he wanted a fille as he found something wrong with every single mec we saw), so hopefully the two of them can hang out together a lot and I won't have to get annoyed with him as much. Au pire, I can always casse myself, but I would prefer this to be my last colocation, so on verra.

Anyways, that's it from me for now, but I will def be reading blogs when I'm away and maybe posting a teense. But, I already have things lined up for when I get back as well as trying to find a temp job to try and save some mulah to pay off those wonderful student loans and also putting Serge in his final resting place and getting Solange ready to bring back with me to Rennes. Ciao, mes amis!

Getting all sunny.

Next to the bed.
In the bed.
Under the bed.

04 juillet, 2008

Veuillez patienter svp

So, while I'm waiting to see if I can stay or not(this is serious last minute panic attack-inducing kind of last minute, btw), I decided I would share a couple things to keep you entertained in the meantime. I will be reading blogs, but I highly doubt I will be posting because I gots me lots of loose ends to tie up and until I hear something either way, it's just the ol' waiting game. It's also a lot of ifs and buts...if only I had applied for school earlier, but I just didn't know at the time that I could/should have done that....if only I applied for the right studies the first time around, but maybe it would have been the same answer...if only I had gone in earlier to check the status, but maybe they wouldn't have known then. Ay, ay, ay.

I should know something either way within quinze jours according to the lady at the accueil, but the problem is that I'm leaving in 11 days and obviously nothing can be done on the weekend and then Monday before I leave just happens to be a jour ferie. Freakin genial. En plus, I had told myself that I would have to know either way before I go because I kinda have no envie to leave allllll my stuff plus kitty in hopes that everything will go through ok. What if it doesn't? I don't want to pay an extra aller-retour just to get my stuff. But, at the same time, what if I don't know before I leave, take everything with me and then it turns out that it's bon, I'm not gonna up and bring everything back and find a new place, do all the paperwork over again, that's just not possible. So, I find myself in a predicament and at a loss for decision-making. I'm hoping and praying that the dossier or letter saying I'm not accepted gets here by next Friday, but there are no guarantees. I will try my best to pester them into letting me know if I haven't heard by next Thursday, but I don't know if they will give in or not to my pesteriness. Yes, I know that's not a word, but it's gonna have to marche.

K, well, on that hopeful note(insert sarcasm), I will leave you with a vid from the Fete of the Musique from 2 weekends ago. I also have one from the Tombees of the Nuit that I'll have to put up at some point. What tiiiiiiiiime, what dayyyyyyy, gonna get my hands up in your faaaaaace!!?? Ok, so maybe my friends and I didn't know the exact words, but close enough!

PS-Happy 4th of July to my americains peepz out there!!!
PPS-See above: Sienna being dog-like.

01 juillet, 2008

No news is...no news

You know the expression no news is good news? Well, in my case, it would read no news is no news because really that's all I gots, no new news on the job front. I know I can keep the majority of my jobs I had this year, but I'm hoping to add on especially in the morning/afternoon time when cours d'anglais just aren't faisables. I have a few irons in the fire, but nothing for sure. Plus, I went to the fac today after doing my demande of dossier two weeks ago and nver getting the actual dossier in the mail and they said I'll get a courrier. It's unsure, though, what exactly this courrier will be and if it is the dossier, I'll have about a week to get things together to hand in, fill it out and have them get back to me with an attestation. I should be stressed out, but instead I choose not to think about it.

On a lighter note, here are some things that have been going on as well as future plans:

~Everyone and their mere leaving Rennes. Two of my assistant friends hit the road in May after their contracts ended, a student friend left this morning, Roomie#2 is leaving this week and my copine anglaise is going back to Engers in August. Good thing I have my French friends and one American who will all be staying and hopefully the newest coloc will be all sorts of awesomeness.

~I've had a new coloc since the beginning of June to replace Roomie#1 which I haven't blogged about really and then we also now have to find someone for the beginning of August in about two weeks time if I want to take part in the decision. The new roomie is nice, talkative, but a little coince'd of the cul I have recently discovered. I think his new blog name will now be officially CC or C Squared si tu veux.

~We had a Soiree BBQ/Fete-ing of the Depart of Roomie#2 this past Sat which turned out to be quite the big shindig with 40 people in the park right next to my apt(see video, ignore humming, I'm a dweeb.) Luckily my favorite lady, J, was a huge help and thank goodness because I basically did almost all the work thanks to my lazy roomies. Besides me being stressed for the entire week leading up to it and maybe the one before that, it really was reussi. It def made me sad to realize Roomie#2 was going so soon and who knows how often he'll be in Rennes slash available because he knows a tooooon of people and he'll be living about 2 hours away.

~I made the Chocolate Chip Cookies with the kids and no one kicked the bucket due to dairy product allergies. With the older kids, we played a fun game of Jeopardy. The school wants me back next year and might even be adding on 2 more classes of each level just to try and have smaller groups. Bring it on!

~I'm (finally) getting my hair cut in a week's time which is much needed as the last time was early January. L'horreur, I know, I know.

~July 15=back to the place where we speak americain and go to Target. I'll be there for about a month or forever. Take your pick.