15 août, 2007

Guide to enjoying wine...americaine style!

Step One

Pull off cork that has been stuck on corkscrew for almost a week now with your teeth as all attempts with the tea towel have been futile. Use said corkscrew only to discover you are incapable of turning it straight even after several tries.

Step Two

As the cork is now ruined due to 5 million attempts with corkscrew, resort to a more savage technique with knife. Dig away at cork with said knife hoping to remove all of cork and free the yummy wine. When this does not work, start to dig a hole in cork.

Step Three

Get frustrated by hole-digging and just push cork and extra bits directly into the bottle. Next, sieve wine using something meant for coffee(I think?) Lastly, enjoy!

4 commentaires:

Jennie a dit…

LOL isn't that a tamis, for tea?

you crack me up. :)

Leah a dit…

Ohhhhh yeah, I think you're right! Haha. We were too focused on the wine to notice!

Karina a dit…

Haha I've done something like that before, although couldn't even get the cork poked down in the bottle so resorted to smashing the neck of the bottle on a nearby rock to liberate the yummyness inside ;-) LOL

Antipodeesse a dit…

A laborious, but effective method. Oh yes, I've been there and done that too!

(BTW, you have wonderful taste in blog templates Leah!)