22 janvier, 2007

Kiddies make me laugh aka I make children cry

Ok, we're just going to ignore my utter and total abandonment of my blog and pretend like that didn't happen. I didn't have internet for-ev-er, is that an acceptable enough excuse? Well, it's gonna have to be. I literally didn't get it at home until after I got back from Xmas vaca...and, I just couldn't be arsed to go to net cafes to update. I'm a lazy bizznatch, yes I'm well aware:)

Anyways, moving on to the previously referred to subject matter(I'm an ass, yes), as much as the kids annoy me sometimes with their noise level despite my best efforts to get them to shut the (insert vulgarity if you so choose) up, they just are cuties sometimes. Take the kid who I do really think has a crush on me and everytime I wear a skirt, straighten my hair or just look nice, he always is the first to compliment me. It's so adorable, if he weren't in fourth grade, let's just say I'd be Mrs. French Student. It just cracks me up everytime, though and I just say "thank you" and move on, but really it kills me. Another example of how the kiddies make me laugh is like, for example, when one 7 or 8 yr old drew BOOBS(!!!) on his test to show me he knew what the word "girl" meant...that's just hilarious. Sometimes, I wonder if I shouldn't maybe be sitting with the kids rather than teaching...haha. Plus, I really am tons younger than all the other teachers and I feel like a kid a lot of times. Well, we all know I'm not thaaaat mature. maybe the cause? Probably explains why I put up with a lot more crap and am a lot less strict than the other teachers...hmm. Oh well. I've been trying to get better...which leads me to the second part of my post title.

I am a bad person. I make children cry...often. Oops, my B, I didn't know! Just today, one kid brought on the water works when I kicked him out of class for not shutting the * up after I gave him a warning by putting his name on the board and told him next time, he'd be kicked out. Well, I def gave him several "next times" and finally, I just kicked him out. Well, what do you know, his little lip started quivering, face turned red and on came the tears. This has happened before(not with him) and I just have to try to be immune to it because I know in about 2 minutes, he will be absolutely fine and he only missed a very minimum of the lesson in any case. But, it's hard to be immune...especially with the cute ones. Maybe that's mean to say, but it's true. Kids cry when they don't understand things(even 5th graders, which I find old)...well, how about you stop talking to your voisin for two seconds and listen and then maybe you'll get it? Ok, not alllll of them don't listen, but that has become a major pet peeve of mine and something I have little patience for. Not listening after I explain the activity mayyyybe THREE times and then asking, "on fait quoi?" I already explained it and maybe even had someone explain it in French if it seemed no one was getting it. Bastards. I mean, sweet little angels.

I'm not someone who has a ton of patience sometimes(I'm weird...it depends) and I really have noticed that I have less and less patience for the kids' shanannigans. Whether that's a good thing or not is definitely debateable, but I do find lately, I've had a better sense of control of the little buggers. You just need to manipulate, or rather, lie to them. You thought I was gonna say something nice, huh? I lie to the children on a daily basis.

Yes, of course I have a list of all your addresses to send a note home to your parents. Your, umm, teacher gave it to me...CLEARLY.
B**ch, what does that mean? I really couldn't tell you, is that German?

Etc, etc. Kids are suckers. Yes, I'm evil. No, but in all seriousness, things are going well and teaching really does seem like a possibility for the future. Teaching what level, what language and where are very different questions. On verra bien what the future brings. I gotta go make me some dinna, but we'll see what happens with this blog. With the internet at home(Free is the best deal EVER ps) and more time on my hands recently, things could be looking better for keeping this up. Talk soon...ish.

PS-Sorry if non-French speaking people are reading this, I can't help my Franglais. Got questions, just ask!
PPS-I meant to talk about how I found out from the principal that some of the kiddies at one of my schools were crying before English class and saying they didn't want to go, but realized I would write a novel. Short version: they weren't doing their homework and/or getting their test signed by their 'rents and were afraid to cause their team to lose points. It's called do your homework and btw, that's totally your fault. Anyway, I've sinced stopped giving lines as a punishment(that was part of the hmwk) as a lot of the rents were not d'accord with that and also, I'm making an effort to try to reward points as much as possible and some other different things...we'll see how it goes.
PPPS-I'd like to believe I'm more like the super teacher in the first pic, but the second pic has "shut it" written all over it and that seems more fitting! Haha.