30 juillet, 2007

Super U!

So, my local supermarket here in Bretagne is Super U. I don't know if they have chains elsewhere in France or not, but it seems to be a fairly common one here. It's about a five minute walk from my appart, so it's super convenient...it's also cheaper than Champion which is a teense further away anyways.(Sidenote: since when did grocery stores become super heroes? Doo doo doo, doooo doo dooooo...SUPER UUUUUU!...that is btw said to the tune of doo doo doo, doooo doo dooooo...CHARGE for some odd reason.) Anyhoo, I am a freak and I kinda like going to the grocery store as long as I can take my time. I like perusing the aisles, checking out deals and new products I haven't tried before. Well, as of last weekish, they're changing around the entiiiiiire store! Like, not just moving stuff, literally moving the AISLES. They used to be soley vertical with the exception of the fruits and veg, and now a majority of them are horizontal and the produce is vertical. What exactly is Super U trying to do to an organized(anal) person like yours truly?

Ah, I remember the days when I used to go to Super U knowing where everything was and carrying out my own little Shop til you Drop-type grocery buying(anyone watch that show ever?...Bueller?) Well, those days are gone. I no longer have a designated path, I couldn't find several things I was looking for because they aren't even back out on the shelves yet! Ok, I was semi-kidding before, but this is actually for serious. Today, about 1/5 of the products aren't even back on the shelves, yet they seem to have people constantly there putting things back up whilst cleaning the shelves simultaneously. How much would this never happen in the states? If there was a major changing around of the set-up of a store, they would have people come in after hours to work on it. I would bet lots of money that when Super U is closed, those people hit the road. What's more, there was a dude smoothing over cement in the middle of the store. Was it covered? No. At this point, I am not surprised in the least, but more so amused. I mean, come on, just picture some snooty lady with her caniche in tow that accidentally steps in concrete and the face that she would make? That's just priceless.

Rien a voir, but behold two interesting "conversations" that took place in Super U today:
Mec#1: Salut Mademoiselle
Leah: (Pretends not to hear)
M1: Ca va?
Leah: (Looks vaguely in his direction, nods and turns back around)
Mec#2: Elle est timide, la fille.
Leah: (Without turning head, nods very slightly)
M1&2: Seeing that I am oh-so-interested in this conversation, they begin to holler things at me as I walk very quickly away.

Being rung up by the cashier...
Caissiere: Soup, hmm, that's interesting.
Leah: (Semi smiles praying this will be the sole comment made)
C: You know, you don't see people buying soup in the summer.
L: True, but it doesn't really bother me to eat it.
C: But still, in summer that's pretty rare. I mean, it IS July afterall.
L: (Accepts fate that she is clearly wrong buying soup in summer and that it makes perfect sense that a loyal employee of the store should judge her decision while ringing her up.)
In other news, I now have almost 1500 points at Super U. What should I get a bon d'achat for 20 euro or save up for a raclette/pierrade machine?

3 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

Man, our Intermarché did that a couple months ago, and it took me ages to find everything again! I mean seriously, I've been going there for almost four years, what were they thinking, changing it all around??

Though stuff does actually make sense now - for example, the sugar is now by the baking ingredients, instead of being next to the milk!!

ColourMeCrazy a dit…

Ooo, save up for a raclette machine! I love raclette!

Leah a dit…

Sam-I think things will be grouped together here too because I remember being surprised when there was an entire row just for meat as it used to be in different places throughout the store.

Colourmecrazy-I luvvvv raclette too AND, what's more, it's a raclette and pierrade machine in one! MIAM MIAM!!