16 juillet, 2007


Ok, so I got a job, but not really.
Flashback to 1 month or so ago: Desperate to find something for the fall, I sent out a bunch of CVs to private primary schools just in case they needed someone to teach their kiddies English. I got a few replies back that were negative and saying either that a)they hired their peepz through the DDEC(Direction Departamentale de l'enseignement catholique, basically the people in charge of all the Catholic schools in my area) **OR** b)all their postes were already filled. This is totally what I expected to hear if I even did hear anything at all. So, you can imagine my surprise when I got an appel last Thursday from the directeur of a private primary school in Rennes asking if I was available and interested to teach little 5 and 6 year olds English 12 hours a week! Umm, are you kidding me, of course I am interested!!!...ahem, I mean, sure I would love to come and meet you, oh wise directeur. I did think, "hmm, that's kinda weird that it would be 12 hours a week. There must be a lot of 5 and 6 year olds-8 classes to be exact. Wow, but nevermind that Leah, you might get yourself a job!"
Flash forward to today: I got all ready for the interview, feeling very hot from the dang humidity, but confident as I had put together some materials last night and even wrote up and printed out a proposed cursus for the little kiddies. Basically, I modified and simplified what I taught the little CE2s(8 yr olds). I even brought my flashcards and a couple books in to show him what I proposed I could teach the little ones for their initiation into the English language. So, I met up with the directeur who asked about my experience and explained what he had in mind for teaching the kids English. I showed him my cursus, flashcards, password flashcards and the books I brought. He made the remark that it was really great I had already reflechir-ed about how to go about teaching the young'uns. I was brimming with pride, a huge smile planted on my idiotic face.
I then came to understand the poste was mine if I wanted it, he wasn't interviewing other people as my CV was the only one that had interested him(or rather quite possibly the only one he got too!)...this was grrrrrrreat! So, we got into the scheduling and I wanted to confirm it was two times a week. Non, it wouldn't be two times a week...they don't have the budget for that...only once a week, 30 minutes. Wait, if it's only once a week...how is that 12 hours, I thought. He then continued on about the number of kids in each class. Let's see, there are 24 in each class, so that will make four groups of 12. HOLD THE PHONE! 4 groups of 12 for 30 minutes once a week....do you mean TWO HOURS TOTAL??? Yes, that's right folks. It seems there was a huuuuuuge misunderstanding between us. I either misunderstood or he misspoke because what I thought was douze heures is apparently deux heures. TWO hours instead of TWELVE. Even if I didn't know for sure if they would hire me and then if they would still hire me once they found out I needed the right to work, that was my major worry, not the number of hours! So, I am back to square one, still waiting to hear about my teeny, tiny, miniscule possibility of something I might have for this fall. Back to the wait...oh, the joy! I guess at least I have a side job lined up if I do get the other thing, but still. Ay, de veces, soy una verdadera idiota!!!
PS-The image is from a t-shirt you can buy. Hehe.

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Samantha a dit…

oh no!! that sucks! hopefully something else will come through for you...

Leah a dit…

Yeah, I hope so! I'm just glad I hadn't planned on even getting the job in the first place because I would have been seriously really, really disappointed by this. Back to my recherche, croises your doigts for me:)

Jennie a dit…

Yikes. 2 hours. Why the hell would they even bother to hire anyone at all for a measly 2 hours? Those kids aren't going to learn anything.

Sorry it didn't work out for you. :( I'm croising my doigts pour toi.

Leah a dit…

Well, I think it really is supposed to just give the kiddies a headstart into English before they properly start in either CE1 or CE2. And they have to hire someone extra because the kids' teachers either don't have the habilitation to teach anglais or just don't speak it at all. And as for the other teachers at the school that are able to teach english, they're already in class with their own kids.

I will possibly end up taking this as a side thing if I do find something else, so at least I have that. But, whatever! Anyhoo, thanks for croising your doigts for me, I'm doing the same for you!:)

jchevais a dit…

What a pity!