08 juillet, 2007

Five weddings and a funeral AKA Pineapple chicken with a side of heartburn

For whatever reason, Blogger isn't letting me enter a title into the title spot, so this will just have to do. I liked both titles, btw, so I decided to leave them both and you can just consider this as two separate entries and pretend like I wrote in between July 4th and today.

Anyhoo, title #1 refers to the craziness that is ALLLLL my friends getting married/engaged this year. Let's just go through a little timeline, shall we?

**March 2007-J, a friend from High school, got engaged to her bf from college that she's been with a good bit now.
**April 2007-K, a fellow English assistant from the US, got engaged to her French bf who she had only been back together with for maybe a month(but they dated for about a year and a half when she met him as a study abroader in Grenoble.) Wedding date set for Aug 2008.
**May 2007-K, one of my roomates senior year of Uni, got married to her bf she met through work, I believe.
**June 2007-L, who studied abroad in Rennes with me in 2002, got engaged in March when she was visiting me and later met up with her bf who proposed to her underneath the Eiffel tower. She got married only a few weeks ago in June.
**September 2007-T, one of my best friends from Uni, is set to marry her British boy in early Sept. I've never had the chance to meet him ever since they got together in early 2005 and got engaged late 2006 and have been in either Edinburgh or London.

It really doesn't take much more than 5 engagements/marriages in ONE YEAR to make a girl feel very old and very, very single. C dingue, ca!

As for the second part of my title, I will explain. I invited my host fam that I lived with in '02 to come over with their three kids who are about 5, 7 and 9. Good thing the kids are absolutely lovely, otherwise there would have been a very stressed Leah to deal with. Anyway, I hadn't seen them since about December, so I called them up a bit ago and we set up a time to see each other and this time I invited them over to mine since they are always inviting me and they had never seen my apt. I was a little stressed in terms of what to make seeing as la presentation and bonne cuisine can be very important, but my lack of mulah ruled all and I prepared fairly simple(read:cheap) dishes.

~Apero-Kir for the big kids, pineapple juice for the little kids. Assorted nibbles not made by me.
~Entree-summer salad with tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, corn and mozzarella with homemade crutons and balsamic dressing.
~Repas-Marinated pineapple chicken with red peppers served over rice.
~Dessert-BROWNIES! miam, miam

All in all, it was a success. Everyone seemed to like the bouffe, we had a nice conversation and I got to experience again what awesome people they are(they brought me pretty pink flowers...so nice!) The kiddies had fun petting the kitty and then watching Narnia and everybody left around 23h30. The only bump in the road is when I woke up, I really had a bad case of heartburn and considering we all ate exactly the same thing, I'm really hoping that was just me and I didn't make everyone else sick. Sometimes things that are too olive oil-y hurt the old tum-tum, so I'm thinking/hoping that's what it was.
Besides that, I had an interesting weekend, on va dire. Friday night was spent with the roomate and Charlotte at a nice soiree pierrade chez-nous. I really can't get over the eating with the same fork you use to pierce the raw meat and put it on to cook. So, I snuck in a clean fork and used that to stab the viande and another to eat. Although I'm not quite positive I didn't maybe switch the forks on accident at least one time. There was, ahem, drinking involved afterall. After, we met up with Virginie and headed to a bar de nuit where I bumped into the twin of this guy I went out with a couple times. Leslie and Charlotte ended up leaving to go en boite and Virginie and I stayed behind to chat with the twin and his friends where Leah proceeded to make an a$$ of herself, I am sure. After they left, V and I went to a bar de nuit just nearby and I ended up chatting with some guys who happened to live literally across the street from me. Super weird...Rennes is the size of my foot. Needless to say, I ended up getting home around 8 AM. Oops. Good thing I recovered by the time my fam got there.

After my fam left, since everybody was at a soiree outside of Rennes, I met up with a friend who lives across town to just hang out and watch a movie with him and his brothers. Yeah, so, I didn't end up getting a lot of sleep last night either, but that's a story for another time. Maybe this year won't be my funeral afterall? I will say no more!!! I have to be up early tomorrow for a babysitting gig ALL DAY LONG. Good thing I already have dinner prepared...oh wait, maybe that's not the best idea as you all know how that goes!

PS-My host fam's kitty is having kittens scheduled for next weekend and I get to see them. So excited!!!
PPS-I saw a woman on the bus ride home with a cat on a leash in the bus with her. Poor little thing!
PPPS-Pic is of Rennes, Place Sainte Anne.

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