13 février, 2008

Random thoughts from today

[Out of the corner of my eye] Why is my cat sitting in the corner staring at me? No wait, that's the house plant!

I really hope Quentin wins Star Ac.

Note to self: you are not, in fact, 16.

[Again out of the corner of my eye] Kitty's sitting there staring again. Nope, stillllll the houseplant!

I miss you, I REALLY miss you and I miss the idea of you.

Kids are cute....when they refrain from speaking.

Aww, how sweet of you, young teenager, to step right in front of that old lady getting on to the bus.

Italy or France for vacances???

Should I stay or should I go?

A compliment from a French person? Quoi???


I love living here.

[5 minutes later] Why do I want to stay here again?

I really must think of something creative for the blog...OOPS!

Coming soon: Either a video post and/or an interesting post. Stay tuned!!!

4 commentaires:

Victoria a dit…

thanks for sharing your thoughts leah!

btw, for some reason when i try to load your blog through google reader on IE it crashes my internet window! :(

Orange Monkey a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.
Leah a dit…

Victoria- I wish I could help ya with that, but I'm not really talented with all the techie stuff, so I have no idea! Can you use Mozilla instead? Good luck!

nicole a dit…

I like hearing the random thoughts! hope you had a good valentine's day and I say anywhere you choose for vaca is good. But I'll be in Italy this week, so I'll report back upon my return. Thus, I'm sure, making it even harder to decide...