05 février, 2008


Just for fun, I thought I'd compile a list of all the things I've noticed recently that are starting to really get under my skin and drive me up the wall and I thought that those of you that live/have lived with Frenchies could chime in as to whether or not you've found these things as well and add any others I've forgotten. And, btw, I swear I'm not always complaining, just recently! Here she blows:

1.) Crumbs from bread left places, not cleaned up.
2.) Eating off the kitchen table and not a plate.
3.) Meat in the fridge in a bag and not on the bottom shelf so instead the meat water drips down all over YOUR stuff. I hearted that one a lot.
4.) Not running water over grimy dishes to let them soak and make it easier to wash them.
5.) Putting the shower curtain up to dry instead of letting it hang dry.
6.) Leaving things in tin cans in the fridge(haircots verts, for example.)
7.) Leaving things (even with meat!) out for a very, VERY long time.
8.) Keeping people awake until 2 AM (getting) busy getting your jollies. Oh sorry, that one just slipped in there somehow!
9.) Putting used matches back in the matchbox. Why on earth you would do this, I have no idea.
10.) Recycling things that are definitely NOT recyclable.

That's all I can think of right now that might be French-related. There's other stuff as well, but I'm thinking that just has to do with people being not as organized and tidy as I am. I'm a little OCD, I will admit, but I feel like some of this stuff is just common sense. And, I am getting annoyed of lightly suggesting things to Roomie#1 only to have her get defensive and annoyed. As you can guess, I am in major need of a break from the roomdawgs, especially R#1 who is being a freakin a$$munch right about now. Luckily, R#1 is gone this weekend and R#2 might be as well. Perfect timing! Good riddance, I say!!
PS-I'm not sure why this banana is so angry, but I found it funny!

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Victoria a dit…

oh man, sorry to hear about your roomie problems leah.

try to hang in there and if you can't, then move out! (or make them move out).

kylie a dit…

i have noticed the crumbs things. but i don't actually live with the frenchies i have acquaintance with, and they are 6 & 9, so that may have something to do with it.

sounds like you need a break! :)

(and i find the 'nana funny too.)

Samantha a dit…

I can definitely agree with 1-4, 6 & 7.

Emily a dit…

These are all the reasons why I LOVED living in my own for so many years.

Sorry to hear about the roomie probs. Hope it works out soon!?

Karen a dit…

You mean to say plastic wrap and yogurt containers aren't recyclable?

Good luck with the roomates! I've got some awful roomate stories for you if you need comic relief. I mean, really bad.

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Oh God, my boyfriend does I guess pretty much almost all of those things on that list -- except perhaps leave meat dripping all over other stuff in the fridge, but I guess that's only because he just hasn't had the opportunity yet! What is it about guys not knowing the common-sense stuff like wrapping up things once you open them and put them in the fridge, so they last longer? Like putting things away correctly in stead of leaving them laying around on the counter for AGES?! And the crumbs -- don't even get me STARTED on the crumbs. As much as I love good baguettes, I am the only one who manages to clean them up on a regular basis. SOOOOO frustrating!

And to be honest, I'm not the tidiest nor the best housecleaner out there -- I can let some things go for ages myself (and I'm not proud of it!), but I feel like there's just a need for a MINIMUM of order and organization, or at least a semblance of order. My boyfriend says I'm crazy, but I just think he doesn't know how to do things bit by bit and get into a system. Oh, and I REALLY hate when he leaves the breakfast dishes in the sink without even wetting them and letting them soak!! Then when I get home at night I have to scrape away at the jam and bread glued onto the bowls...

Basically, you just assembled the list that sums my boy up in a nutshell! ARGH.

Karina a dit…

my roomies are pretty good, and i think roomie #1's (who is french) quirks are more hers than being french.. i finally told her today, youknow when the sponge sits sopping wet in the sink it NEVER dries and ends up stinking up a storm.. 'oh really? i never would have thought of that..' the thing that really bothers me about her is that she sleeps like a ROCK so she doesn't realize that things like say slamming doors in the wee hours of the morning wakes up EVERYONE else! gah... tried to tell her but not much changed...

who eats off the table and not on a plate??? weird..

Leah a dit…

Thanks everyone for your helpful commentaires! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!

And, just to clarify, the roomies are both actually good friends of mine, but living with people is just difficult(especially when you're a bit OCD like me!) And, I've learned over time that things that YOU think are common sense, don't even cross some people's minds. It helps to better understand why people do the things they do, but doesn't annoy me any less!