21 février, 2008

Out like trout

K, I'm off for a mini-vaca to Paris&Rouen to visit my old Montreal roomie(who is French from Rouen...I know, confuse you more why don't I?) The two of us will probably slip back into l'accent and reminisce about former times of pancakes, pina coladas and poutine. I've never been to Rouen before so I'm excited to get to visit a new place. Yay for mini-vacances!

Sidenote: I am up writing this quite late because I've been awaken by the FB of R#1 which is, franchement, just swell.

Sidenote#2: Remind me to punch her in the face when I get back from vacances.

Sidenote#3: I love the sparkly Tour Eiffel!

Sidenote#4: Remind me to also kick her in the shins.
Sidenote#5: Freqkin azerty!!...whenever I go from my qwerty laptop to any azerty comp and back it always takes me a while to readjust(and bizarrely enough it's true even for my rents' qwerty desktop.)

Sidenote#6: This is my 100th post. Wahoo! Random babble with a splash of sarcasm as usual...I'm so proud.

6 commentaires:

joy suzanne a dit…

Have a nice mini-vacay Leah xo

PS-Can you really speak with that accent? You've got to post a video my dear!

kylie a dit…

oh! when are you going to be in paris? how long? details, details!!! :) hopefully you'll be greeted by lovely weather.

Victoria a dit…

oh have fun on your mini-vacay!

wait...when did you live in montreal?
i lived in quebec (in chicoutimi) for part of the summer in '03.

i <3 poutines!

Emily a dit…

Bon voyage!

Leah a dit…

JS-I can, but it's only choice words and phrases, so I doubt it'd be thaaaat entertaining to anyone besides me.

KMac-I think I covered the info for you already, non? :)

V-I lived in Montreal from Jan '06 to July '06. I've never been to(or heard of) Chicoutimi, though! :)


The Late Bloomer a dit…

Have a great mini-vaca! I could use one of those myself... I have no idea if I'm ever going to kick this horrible cold-virus thingie that has been plaguing me for more than 3 weeks now...