17 février, 2008

Weekend high(and low)lights

Ok, so I decided to try a different format and see what I think, your opinions being welcome as well of course! So, just to run through this weekend with you as I sit here having just finished some yummy raclette leftovers. PS-Remind me not to eat for the next week. Anyways, this weekend was full of highlights as well as lowlights...let me just run through them for ya...

-Rediscovering Citror and how much I heart it, although is it supposed to feel like your taste buds are being burned off when you get to the end of the glass?

-Spilling said Citror all over the floor AND my computer...some of the keys don't really want to work so much anymore. But, how the heck are you supposed to clean underneath the keyboard on a laptop, praytell?

-Watching the Star Ac finale with a few friends which Quentin won! Wahoo! I know he's overly-dramatic and thinks he's great, but I just think he sings better than good ole Mathieu.

-Not seeing Quentin's zizi which apparently made a brief cameo near the end of the show. Quoi???

-Partaking in an interesting conversation about how French speakers are very competitive about their accents and how when a French person tells you you have a good accent, it's a steady downhill slope from there. Also, sharing the fact that Jodie Foster is my French-speaking(Cheaty McCheaterson) nemesis and hoping to never ever meet someone who has the same language learning experience as me who has sounds 100% fluent all the time.

-Literally running home in order to claim the salon to call a friend at 3 in the morning so that Roomie#1 could go directly to the bedroom and get the bonking over with. Unfortunately, I was lucky enough to hear round two. *gag*

- Finding and buying a second rectangular-shaped US style pillow at LeClerc!!! Is it sad that this one got three exclamation marks?

- Enduring an awkward evening being the only anglo amongst R#1 and THREE couples that have known each other since terminale. You know how it is when people have been friends a while and they start to talk about things and people that you have no idea about? That's always fun. Needless to say, I did little talking and much escaping to my room to proclaim how awkward I was to all my anglo friends online.

-Being happy to start eating finally...at 11 PM! My only options before the eating were to escape to my room or drink...let's just say my wine glass was in my hand at all times up until then.

- Having to listen to all the Frenchies comment on how bizarre the sweet potatoes were.
"But, zees taste like carotte"
"Can I 'ave a normale potato pliz?"
"What hare all zeese leetle hairs on zee patate?"
"It's so sucre!"
Way to be adventurous in your food choices. I mean, I agree that the patates douces are different. But, refresh my drink, when did anyone say they were the same? R#1 thought she'd try something different and all but one of her friends had something positive to say. It makes me think of Thanksgiving and all the flack I got for putting cornflakes atop my pasta and making them try jello. I'm sure there are some cainris out there who think that's weird too, but how about you at least try it before you go on and on and ON about how weird it is? I mean, I think cake au thon is weird, but I try to at least be polite and say "different"(that doesn't always happen), but at the end of the day, I am at least trying these things and not going on and on about how weird they are. Can you tell this got on my nerves? I had been clammed up all night, but I had to speak up when they were carrying on and say "it's not weird, it's just different." Shut it. Seriously.

-Having to sit with the three guys alone who were ALL talking about their impending marriages. Two are set in stone within the next year or so. They're all about the same age as me, give or take a year. Awesome.

- Getting in a fight with a random English guy who was being rude to R#1 who was pretty bourree, but just being nice and trying to speak English with him and his friend. I know they were in a bit of a serious thing, but there's no need to say F*** off to someone straight off the bat. How about at least "can you leave us alone (please)?" I did or didn't call him a wanker. Haha. Remember what I said before about the glass always being in my hand? Umm...yeah.

So, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I did promise you that coming soon was a video post and/or interesting post. Does this satisfy the interesting post thingy? Yeah, not sure. A video is coming soon, though...hang tight!

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joy suzanne a dit…

Oh this definitely settled the interesting post thing! I like your point style, Leah...

But what the hell is cake au thon?

I recently ate something super French for the first time. It was like a chicken pot pie, in that it had a tarte crust of some sort, and chicken and carrots and stuff for the filling, but all of the filling seemed to be suspended in a clear gelatin. Do you know what this is? I have seen it at many a traiteur but I'd never have ordered it. It was served at a dinner party recently.

I did not say once that I thought it was weird and gross, although it was. ;)

Crystal a dit…

I like the new posting style too...very easy to read. I had raclette too this weekend and I think I'm still full from it...I didn't even know Jodie Foster could speak french, lol. I would be curious to hear you speak french to hear your accent and your fluency. I'm always interested to hear if other anglophones make the same mistakes when speaking as I do.

Citror is what exactly? Never heard of it....

Samantha a dit…

Down with Quentin!! And I shake my fist at Jodie Foster!!!

Leah a dit…

Funny thing, I was actually just talking about the image which I moved to the middle. But, I agree, the point style is much easier to read than my normal babbling on for paragraphs.

JS- Cake au thon is basically just a loaf of bread with tuna(and some other stuff) in it. You can also make a cake with say tomatoes and mozzarella for example. That one's definitely better, but I just find it a bit "different" to be throwing tuna in a cake.
I'm not sure what your gelatin yumminess is, but I feel like I've heard about such a thing before. Sounds scrumptious.

Crystal- See, I wouldn't be able to speak like I would normally if I knew another anglo was listening, specifically espec anglos that speak french well. I'd be nervous! Maybe if I'm brave, I'll post a clip on the blog. On verra. Oh, and citror is lemon syrup that you mix with water and it's like lemonade from home kinda...it's super refreshing on a warm day especially. Ahhh...

Sam-I will ONLY agree with you about JF. Down with Quentin, comment tu parles! ;)