11 mai, 2008

Lazin round

I wrote this yesterday, but my comp was being weird and I couldn't get the pics to upload until today...

Que dire, que dire? Well, I've been on vaca since Wed evening and won't reprendre until Tues evening. It's been really nice weather recently which has been perfection(omg, almost wrote the the p-word!...shudder, shudder...prefect...), thanks Bretagne! So, here's a little rundown of my weekend for my, I mean, your enjoyment!

Friday: Din at former Roomie#1's new appart. She reminded us all of how much nicer her apt is than the old one and proclaimed approximately 5,000 times how great everything from the balcon to the power outlet was. Ok, I might be exaggerating, but still. Then, sorting a bit en ville for a drink and a dance.
Saturday: Din at my apt with A and everyone's favorite artist-formerly-known-as-Sam de Bretagne. Apero bits (including Ritz Crackers!!!), Provencale Quiche, rose and quite a refreshing (if I do say so myself) fruit salad. I whined, I mean, explained to them how I'm still jobless and hopeless and they told me to shut it, I mean, wished me good luck. Had fun, girls!

Sunday: 5 hour picnic/eat your face off-athon at the park I just discovered right nearby my apt with J. Our cuisine included and was not limited to: cherry tomatoes, pineapple and cheese on toothpicks, tzatziki, crisps, bread, 2 cheeses, pesto pasta, quiche, pizza, fruit salad, chantilly. We luckily had not had b-fast before and took a few pauses and didn't finish everything...but it was all super bon.

Now, I'm off to finish listening to these guys and see if I can't convince them to hire me as an intern. Huh, what you think, ladies?

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kylie a dit…

well, we HAVE been talking about the possibility of interns, but i THINK we were hoping for young johnny depp look-alikes or something along those lines.

but send your resume in, and we'll consider it. we are equal opportunity employers. (you do know interns make nothing, right? :D)

kylie a dit…

OH! and i forgot to mention - YOU GOT TO HANG OUT WITH SAM!? :: green with envy :: over here in these parts we are counting down the sleeps till she gets here. :)

Emily a dit…

They definitely should hire you. ;)

Katia a dit…

I am DYING WITH LAUGHTER over the new nickname of "everyone's favorite artist-formerly-known-as-Sam de Bretagne". You know that this is totally going to stick, right?

Oh, and everything Kylie said. If interns are well-behaved they may receive some sort of compensation in the form of m&ms and/or mojitos. hehe

Princesse Ecossaise a dit…

Moi aussi I am jealous! I'm jealous that you got to hang out with Sam and I'm jealous that Sam got to hang out with you!!

Also am jealous that you have your kitty in France and mine is stuck in Scotlaaand :-( Sienna is a babe.

Leah a dit…

Kmac-I'm not that far off from Johnny Depp really. Long, dark brown hair-Check. Live in France-Check. Speak English and French-Check. Ok, that's all I got...the CV will be arriving shortly. Now do you require a handwritten lettre de motivation or no?

E-Don't I know it!

Katia-I accept your offer of M&Ms, whether it be of the chocolate kind or of the alcohol kind(Mojitos&Margaritas!) If the job's a bust, are you sure you and the Man of the Muffins don't want to adopt an adorable, slightly nutty, 26 yr old American? Perty please?

PE-You'll just have to go to the KnK picnic in June where you'll be able to meet us both!! Hope Ollie makes it over soon!

Victoria a dit…

ooh it sounds like you had a good week!

btw, i'm coming to paris le 14 juillet to 22 juillet- any chance you'll make to trips to Paris this summer?!

if not, i've never been to bretagne/rennes before so let me know if you're up for a visitor...

Samantha a dit…

Ack, I feel so much pressure about meeting everyone now! And damn, that is a long nickname. Maybe I should just find a symbol to represent myself now.

But dinner was fun, and I really hope you & Crystal can make it in June!!