18 mai, 2008

It's about time part 1 (Marseille)

So, I got to Marseille on Wednesday afternoon after a last minute change of train tickets that originally had me getting in late, late Tuesday night. I met up with my CouchSurfing host, Aleksandra(Ola), who took me around a bit in the Quartier Belsunce area where she lived to check out the markets and the (hilly) streets. I was off on my own to explore for a few hours, so I headed down to the Old Port where tons of gross guys tried to drague me. I headed back up the main road(Canebiere) and picked up some wine and M&Ms at the smallest Super U known to man(I'm making that up) and went back to Ola's apt to help start din. We had some couscous with chicken and veg in a cream sauce that was quite good, but we had to shove it down our faces because we had an apero that had started, oh, about 2 years ago from the time we had started eating. Btw, Ola had two friends staying there who were also Polish(did I forget to mention she was Polish? Oops!), so I ended up speaking loads and loads of English and also impressing them by knowing only swear words in Polish and nothing else. I'm a classy gal. The Apero was at a Ukranian girl and a Algerian/Serbo Croatian girls' apt. It was a very international apero, in the end, with me and a bunch of people from Eastern Europe.

Moving along...my friend got in on Thurs aft and after her attacking her probs with SFR ending her phone contract too early plus waiting 5, 000 hrs for the eternally late Polish couple, we headed off to explore the Old Quartier of the city(Panier-the first pic is there) The couple took about a picture every minute, so we eventually said do widzenia(since I only knew swear words, I thought it would be a good idea if I learned how to say goodbye, so I could at least be polite after I cursed someone out) to them and went our own way. We did a ton of wandering around and had planned on taking the little tourist train because we are ever so cool, but it started raining. So, instead we took shelter in a cafe that gave us what were clearly leftover Easter eggs. But, hey, chocolate is chocolate afterall, you won't see me complaining! We had an apero dinatoire that night and then headed off to bed.

Friday was our last day and we didn't have to leave until later afternoon, so we finally managed to take that bebe train up to Notre Dame de la Garde which overlooks the city(you can see it in the 2nd pic and it's where I took those other pics from.) We also ran and caught the bus to the beach which was not all that impressive and included a randomly placed statue of some sort of David that stood in the middle of an intersection. Strange. We said adieu to Marseille after searching for some pastry that we saw advertised but only exists at Easter...oh, that and soupe au pistou which just doesn't exist at all apparently. Then, I made my way to Avignon...

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