28 mai, 2008

Bye-Bye, Serge

I am both sad and happy to announce that Serge, my loving pc for the past 4 years will soon be replaced by this lovely lady pictured above. Serge and I have been through a lot together-we've done countless plane/train/bus/car trips together and we've lived in 3 entirely different countries. However, Serge has been ageing not-so gracefully in the last while-he's slowed down a lot and gets annoyed with me when I ask him to do more than one thing at a time. He especially does not like it when I wish to watch something other than his beautiful face. Unfortunately, Serge has had it a bit rough over the years and has come down with several viruses that have made him go a little loco. I can only hope Solange's(yes, I have prenamed her and, yes, it's a she, have you noticed the pink and the flowers?) life will not be so hard. Though I am opting to welcome Solange into my life, that does not mean that Serge won't be a perfectly good compagnon to someone else. I have about 6 weeks left with my cheri and I plan to make the most of it. Here's to you, Serge!

5 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

That new computer is so preeeeety!

joy suzanne a dit…

Is that pink? But it looks... PURPLE!

Ah, my old ibook is getting curmudgeonly, too. I'd love to replace it. Was Serge a Dell, too?

Leah a dit…

E-I agreeeeee!! Thanks!

JS-It does actually look purple now that I look at it next to my very pink blog background. Tant mieux! Serge was a Dell as well and despite being outsourced to India for cust. "service", my fam and I have had good luck with Dells in the past. I actually got a pretty good deal(there was a memorial day sale and I saved about 200 bucks), so it wasn't too expensive once I paid with my euros. :) If you're thinking about Dell, I know they're having a 3 day sale right now, but they always have sales from time to time anyways, so it might be worth looking into.

I have been scouting prices for a while now and the sale was what did it because I got to add memory, update the hard drive, opertating system, add Word, have a fun color and a few other things I had been looking to do and they were all included in the price. Just dumb luck, I guess! Happy pc hunting!

Au Soleil Levant a dit…

Isn't it funny that we get so attached to our computers that they become our friends? I'm totally like that about my baby.

Andromeda a dit…

Oh you already answered if it was a US or French pc! I'll definitely have to check out the sales, poor George here won't last much past the summer I'm afraid. And paying in euros is the best thing ever!