18 mai, 2008

It's about time part 2 (Avignon&Nimes)

So, where were we? Just kidding, I got it, I got it! So, Friday late afternoon I got into Avignon gare where the lovely Nicole met up with me. She took me under her wing and got me maps of the city and already had ideas of where I should go. However, we didn't tour the city just yet since it was starting to rain and it looked like it would stay like that for a good bit. Instead, we invited a few of her friends over for quasi-galettes and crepes. Those crazy southeners tried to call them crepes salees which I had absolutely none of and bored them to tears explaining that it was because of the buckwheat flour and you must never call galettes as crepes salees to a breton, homie don't play that game. Anyway, I call them quasi-galettes because I made the mistake of buying a mix instead of the premade ones because I was worried they would be too old by the time I got them to Avignon and they stuck to the pan like nobody's business. With a bit of teamwork, however, we managed to eventually make a few of them...well, enough anyways to tide us over until the desserts of crepes and tiramisu. Later, we went out to a bar where I met even more of her friends(she's got a lot!) and we headed back at a reasonable hour and I hit the hay so I could be ready for my trip to Nimes the next day!
I took the train to Nimes around noon the next day and headed straight for the Arenes. I took a tour which included those headphones that you can listen to about all the history and the Zzzzz. Yeah, the segments were a bit loooooong, so needless to say, I cut some of them short and just checked out the views from the top and tried to imagine what it was like back in the day. After I finished that up, I just blindly walked around town stumbling upon things I remembered reading about in my Let's Go. I ended my tour in a lovely park which had a wedding precession which was nice and all, but homegirl needs a travelling partner or else she gets bored fast. So, I decided my original plan to say 6 hours needed to be cut almost in half and that I would rentre a bit early to do some fopping with an sh with Nicole and friends. I ended up (f)shopping by myself and not finding any shoes(the only thing I needed), but instead, some new shades and a cute tank. Fopping with an sh is dangerous. That night, it was one of Nicole's friend's b-day, so Nicole and I had a little quick din and wine and then met her and her friends at a creperie. We then went to a bar de nuit and I danced my face off until my face got way too hot. Fun times.
Sunday was spent touring Avignon with Nicole who had so generously decided to give me the official tour. We saw the pont d'avignon where I danced(of course), le palais des papes and a bunch of other stuff that I forget the name of. What, who me, spacey much? It started to rain (again, notice a theme here?), so we took a chocolat chaud and decided that we had had enough of walking around the city. We then went to her friends' place for a Mexican meal and some inappropriate(in a good way) conversation. All in all, good times. I headed to bed in my third bed of the three nights(long story and Nicole has a big apt) and dreamt of red wine because I was off tres early the next morning to Bordeaux...

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