21 mars, 2008

Me from A to Z

It's a cold, gray and rainy day and so I thought what better rainy day activity than a little quiz action for all of my wonderful readers. I pique'd this little quizzy from Kari's blog. Enjoy and feel free to fill it out on your blog as well!

A-Available?: Better believe it. Single and ready to mingle, baby!

B-Best friend: A, who I've been friends with since we were little wee ones in elementary school and who is allegedly coming to visit at the end of April. I say allegedly because I love her, but the girl's scatter-brained. Besides her I have a lot of really good friends from college and study abroad: K, T and S more specifically. Being so far away from them all is hard!

C-Cake or Pie: Well, this is a toughie. See, I don't like when cake is too, umm, cakey...I like it to be mixed with jam, fruit, frosting, etc. I find chocolate cake way too overwhelming unless you have just a little sliver. Can it be ice cream cake? Yum, that stuff is mmm mmm good. Pie I like fresh and I don't like when the fruit is too compotey...all congealed and gucky...think how apple pie or blueberry pie get. I like the fruits rouge kinds of pie or obv any kind of chocolate, coconut thingy as well. Umm, I've talked way too long about cake and pie...so I vote ice cream?

D-Drink of choice: Yes please.

E-Essential thing used everyday: My brain? No wait, it says EVERY day, hold the phone for a sec there. I dunno...my patience? I am in France afterall.

F-Favorite color: Purple, hands down.

G-Gummi bears or worms: I guess I'd say the bears because you can gobble them up in one bite whereas the worms are all chewy and might take you two or three. I don't like to have to work to eat my food. Haha.

H-Hometown: A town in Connecticut/a town in Nova Scotia. I'm AmeriCanadian and don't you forget it!

I-Indulgence: Chocolate.

J-January or February: January- the start of a new year.

K-Kids and names: Umm, none that I know of so far. Does Sienna count? As for names, I have a list(of course) and many start with J, K and L for whatever reason. I think it'd be cool to have a French name that could translate into American English. I want something unique for my future ankle-biters.

L-Life is incomplete without: Love.

M-Marriage date: September 24, 3008?

N-Number of siblings: My sis, K, who is 7 years older than yours truly.

O-Oranges or apples: Oranges unless you're taking about apples freshly picked from a New England orchard which you can make cider and applesauce with.

P-Phobias: Spiders, sharks, any doctor, huge open spaces I could fall into or maybe even just grates, the Prefecture.

Q-Quote: "Ou que tu ailles, vas-y avec to coeur."

R-Reason to smile: Haven't found it yet.

S-Season: Fall and winter. Fall and winter are beautiful in New England. Spring's alright...just not summer(this is all determined by how I hate being hot.)

T-Tag three people: Umm, your mom, your dog and your Chia-pet?

U-Unknown fact about me: I can't really read music, but I played the violin and flute for 5 years.

V-Vegetable you do not like: MUSHROOMS=dirt of the earth.

W-Worst habit: Cleaning up after people and putting their things away maybe? But, that's just for my roomates, really. Asking a bajillion questions? Could that be it? Possibly?

X-rays you have had: Chest twice for the visite medicale and 2 at the ER of my noggin when I was really sick last April.

Y-Your favourite food: Am I in France or the US? I dunno...fajitas, cottage cheese, cheddar, Mac&cheese, popcorn, cereal and instant oatmeal?

Z-Zodiac: Taureau.

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nicole a dit…

making me laugh (HARD): 3008 and the prefecture!

Victoria a dit…

fun quiz! i just may have to steal it.