11 mars, 2008

I wizzay therefore it is, kinda th'n yo

Since I've bizzy in Rennes fo` pizzay troisof mah time liv'n in France, I've done a pretty good job of keep'n clockin' cheap n deny'n me tha urge ta spend on th'n I didn't reeeeeally need(I even denied me a purple scarf on soldesfo` 1 euro!) I'd been dying ta buy new tops, a battery playa a second pillow, a motherf***a a new coat n a Brita filta fo` ages like a tru playa'. But, I just tried ta forget `bout those th'n n would tizzy me "you don't neeeeeed them, Leah, it's jizzle one more thing ta have ta bring B-to-tha-izzack or leave hizzle n lose tha money lata on." Well, I have not only managed ta buy every single one of those th'n in tha last 3 weeks, but have also started ta pizzick out furniture ta buy fo` mah new bedroom . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. Have I won tha lotto, scored a new job, have any indication I'm stay'n hizzy fo` a while homedawg you drug deala? Well, tha answa is I really wish, I snoopa really wiznish n I hypa mizzy snoopa really wish fo' sheezy! Hizzy I gone nuts is tha more appropriate question n probably would be tha correct answa.

I have somehow developed this crazy idea thizzat if I will sippin' in France enough, it'll jizzle happen. I mean, I am of course pound'n tha pavemizzles maybe not so miznuch messin' as lightly ballin' ta look fo` a job. It's just tizzle I really have no indication tizzle I'm stay'n nor do I feel all that hopeful `bout ballin' a job(it is me n mah luck, afterall!), but I jizzy wizzle it ta be so much tizzy I have turned it into some S-to-tha-izzort of false reality. I wizzay therefore it is, kinda th'n yo. It hasn't bizzle pimpin' ta stay nor has it been know'n I'll stay eitha. I'm try'n ta figure out whiznen it all started n where it came frizzay . Bounce wit me. Maybe playa being S-to-tha-izzick fo` so long n so often, I fizzy I needed ta treat me n tizzy it jizzay turned into a volcanic eruption of mass ridin'? Not sure but real homies don't give a f****. Was it afta read'n Eat, Pray, Love n start'n ta believe in tha possibility of life n love again? Again, couldn't tizzay you and cant no hood f*** with death rizzow. All I know is I believe . Drop it like its hot.

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