26 mars, 2008

Made me smile

Reason 5 bajillion 143 mazillion 579 plajillion why my mom is the bestest. I've been kinda bored recently as nothing much new seems to be going on and I, comme d'hab, have no idea what I'm doing next year or where I'll be doing whatever I'll be doing, for that matter. So, getting this package today on a rainy Rennes Wednesday really brightened my day. M&Ms, Peeps, a Marshmallow bunny, Cadbury Creme Eggs and drumroll please.....REESE'S EGGS! She knows so well my love for the Reese's Egg...the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is out of control and none of those crazy ridged edges to deal with. They're my favorites! She also included a note in the card that I am to give one Cadbury Egg to Roomie#1 and one to R#2 which is absolutely fine with me because I find them kinda tooooooo overwhelmingly sugary(even the little ones.) And she didn't include jelly beans which she used to give me in my Easter basket for the longest time, but I didn't like them so I'd just give them to my sister who loves them. I finally came out with the truth a few years ago(I also filled her in on the Conversation Hearts at Valentine's Day.) Although those I would always eat and still do eventhough I don't like them because I feel they are an integral part of Valentine's and I must make myself eat them. Strange, I know.

Yay for Easter baskets, yay for Nouvelle Star tonight and yay for hopefully finding a new roomie soon! PS-I will def fill you in soon on our casting of Nouveau Coloc 2008 and such candidats as Coloc d'amour, Baba cool, l'ours and Justin Timberlake. Just need to get myself motivated to write. In the meantime, I'll just let you drool over my Easter goodies. Ciao!

5 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

Care packages from home are the best. You are so lucky to have all that candy! I'm jealous. :)

My mom's coming to visit in a few weeks and I'm hoping hoping hoping that she brings some of those green coconut nests with the jelly beans in the middle.

Au Soleil Levant a dit…

YUM-O! Man, you are going to have an awesome weekend eating all of that candy. Your mama loves you!

screamish a dit…

Cadbury creme eggs!! cadbury creme eggs!!!!

I just finished eating one!! I love em!!! (especially the way the creamy bit gets stuck down the bottom of the shell and you eat the rest with the end...yum)

joy suzanne a dit…

I am totally with you on the chocolate to peanut butter ratio in the Reese's eggs. I love those freakin things. The Valentine's Day hearts, too, and the Christmas trees.

Leah a dit…

Thanks everybody! Yeah, it's all super yummy!!