10 janvier, 2008

Ricky Martin- Perdido sin ti

I really have tons of thoughts swimming through my head at the moment, so before I even attempt to write any of them down, I need to sort things out for myself in my own cabeza.

So, in the meantime, I will let you listen to the smooth sounds of one of my faves...Ricky Martin! No, I am not kidding and yes, I may be a cheeseball, but the dude's actually got talent despite the fact that he used to roll with Menudo back in the day. I love his songs in Spanish and this is one off an album from a good bit ago, but it's him performing it live in more recent times. I love his voz and this cancion is so soothing.

Didn't know I spoke Spanish, eh? Yep, I studied Spanish for 8 years and I've been studying French for 14 now! I actually studied abroad for a semester in Valencia, Spain after I studied in Rennes for the first time in Fall 2002. Ok, enough of the mini bio, back to the song...enjoy!!

PS-Now that I think about it, I might leave you with a few other goodies in espanol since I'm in a songs in Spanish kind of mood.

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