28 janvier, 2008

The cat's meow

I've been wanting to post a video to my blog for a while now (umm, just to prove I'm not a complete blogging dummy) and I realized that I had the purrfect candidate(please excuse the dad joke.) I now present to you my cherie d'amour des iles, Sienna. I took an awesome video of her where she was going hog wild and doing sumersaults and flips and all these crazy gymnastic moves. But, yeah, that's not this video because I'm an idiot and forgot to actually press the start/stop button so it didn't record. Duh! Anyways, instead, I've managed to catch her viciously attacking Kitty Jr. She's so lazy, though, and at the end of the video, she just gives up since KJ fell on the floor. So, sit back and enjoy the entertaining(maybe only for me?) one-woman show....MEET SIENNA!

2 commentaires:

joy suzanne a dit…

Ooh she's beautiful! She looks a little bit like my mom's Main Coon Cat.

Leah a dit…

Aww, thanks, JS! She's some sort of mix(I adopted her), but I think she's pretty too and I just love that she's a big ol' ball of fluff.