31 janvier, 2008

Ca donne envie...

I'm on a video kick, what can I say? Now, I'm no cinematographer so please don't judge my (lack of) filming skillz. I wanted to share with you the lovely afternoon spent on a tour of Chenonceau castle in the Loire Valley. A beautiful spring day, just sunny enough without being too hot-me strolling down the tree-lined path of the castle eating a delicious glace a la menthe. Ahh, heavenly! I wrote about my tour last year a bit...I first went to Lille, made my way up to Bruges in Belgium, then the Loire Valley for Chenonceau, Le Clos Luce(Da Vinci's house) and Amboise. It ended up being a pretty awesome and cheap vacation and I'm hoping to achieve the same thing this year for my mini-vacances to Paris&Rouen in February and my one-weeker in April in either the Alps or the south(still haven't decided yet!) Vacances can't come soon enough, people, my feet are getting hotter by the minute. Ok, I'm off for now to get ready for one of my 5,000 jobs and then it's Soiree Karaoke tomorrow!!! A+, mes amis!

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