26 octobre, 2007

Update time

I haven't blogged in forever and a day, yes I know. I've just been so busy, busy, busy with school, homework, FOUR jobs and trying to keep up a social life. Excuses, shmexcuses, I know. I've also had a friend staying with me for the past week. Did I mention I had a case of rubella? Not believable? Can't blame a girl for trying! Anyway, moving on, here are some things that I have been up to in recent times:

-Trying to understand why my classmates seem moyennement interested in getting to know me. I'm the only freakin anglophone and I know if I were in the reverse situation studying to be a French teacher in America and there was a French student, I would want them to be my ami. It's hard getting integrated when people all seem to already know each other either from their Licence in anglais or because they were studying for the CAPES last year. I've gotta make more of an effort to make some classmate amis, but this will happen eventually, so I'm not extremely worried, more confused.

-Yearning for all things home. Beautiful New England Autumn scenes, candy corn, Christmas decorations, family and friends. Christmas can't come soon enough. Not being at Thanksgiving already pulls at my heartstrings a little. The first family holiday since my Aunt died this past May. This year has by no means been smooth sailing and, if anything, has shown me how important family is to me. Also, I miss life where everything isn't such a struggle, where people don't smoke my face off, where people don't push me out of the way and then give me the evil eyes, where it's not an "every man for himself" kind of attitude, where things are organized...sigh. But, that is a whole nother post for another time!

-Coming to terms with whatever life brings me in terms of staying in France for a bit longer as passing my big test at the end of the year is seeming increasingly more and more out of reach. I can't be away from my family forever whether I pass or not. Plus, if I had my choice, I would absolutely choose to teach kids in primaire. But, alas, this cannot be. If I have to go back to the states at the end of this year, I will be sad, but I will be ok(though I waiver on this sometimes in both directions!) I'm not 21 anymore, free to just figure my life out later...I want to settle into a place, a career, a life...it is time. But, only time will tell.

-Trying to mentally prepare myself for my good friend's departure in two weeks that I kind of still haven't really admitted to myself. It really will be sad to see her go as we've been really good buds here in Rennes for over a year now. I will miss her tons. My chere copine rennaise.

-And, finally, making my Halloween costume which will remain top secret as I know of a certain little birdie who reads my blog who is hanging out on H-Ween and I want to surprise people. But, I will tell you one thing-it is all kinds of awesome! Oh, also I will tell you it'll most likely be slutty. But, if there's one time a girl has an excuse to ho it up, it's Halloween. Bonus points for making things that are so completely non-hoish into slutty masterpieces(slutty librarian, anyone?) I figure this is my last year to dress up for HOLLAween until I have kids, so I'd better live it up!

That's it from me for now, just to let y'all know I'm vivante and I've been(pretty much) keeping up on your blogs, so I thought I would share the love!

5 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

Sounds like you have a lot going on. I hope some of these things get figured out for you soon enough. You must be so excited to go home for the holidays! I'm going back in a few weeks and I just cannot wait.

Ashpanash a dit…

you know im way behind in the blogging and here i was finally going to do my TEN things... so i tried to find yours and i cant... what was i supposed to do again?

Jennie a dit…

I am really missing Thanksgiving this year too. I didn't have one last year, so I plan on making stuffing and pumpkin pie to share with David and my one friend here, who also is American. Autumn in the northern US is so pretty... ::sigh::

Leah a dit…

E-I am super, super thrilled to be going back, I can't even wait. Are you back for T-giving? Lucky duck!

A-You're supposed to write ten interesting things about yourself that people might not know about you. I entitled mine "ten reasons why I'm a freak show", hehe.

J-You gotta do T-giving in France, it really will help. I did it chez-moi last year and will be doing it again this year. Last year it was me, an English girl and a bunch of Frenchies so it didn't feel completely Thanksgivingy, what with them questioning all the food's deliciousness, but I luckily managed to convert them in the end. This year, like you, I won't be the only American, thank goodness!

Astrid a dit…

My brazilian friend (the most outgoing person I know) found it difficult to get to know her classmates at uni here in Toulon. A bit for the same reason you mentioned, they know each other already and because they were rather intimidated by the fact she was a foreigner (gosh, because they might have had to try to speak in English if she didn't understand something :)