11 octobre, 2007

Gettin my French on

I've lived here in France, specifically Rennes, for a total of two years now(spread out over time, but not important to my point) and there are obviously many things I absolutely love about France and the French as I would not be here if that were not the case. There are also things I strongly dislike, but that's a post for another time! Anyhoo, there also for me is a whole other category of things I encounter frequently and more than liking or disliking them, I find myself being like say whaaaa? every time I come upon them. However, I guess two years is the magic number. Two whole years is when things that used to astonish and shock you before become part of your everyday life. I have to admit, mes amis, I've started to become a little French.

Some are worse than others, but here goes a list of some of the things I've been up to that are unforgiveablely French:
-Complaining that I only had an hour for lunch instead of my normal 2 hours.
-Thinking that it's the end of the world when I'm sick, but all I have is a tiny cold.
-Taking up the concept of "every man for himself" when boarding the bus(with the exception of old ladies, people with children and/or strollers, handicapped people and odd people that I would rather see where they go and then sit far, far away.)
-Complaining that the University only has 1 week of vacation for Toussaint. Remember the time I lived in the states and we had only two big breaks?
-Highlighting, red-penning and white-outing my notes whilst in class.

One reason why I could never fully convert(there's something hidden!):

For I believe that
Is an awesome
Person and she will never
Learn to accept
Or act like
Peepz here think they

PS-Some of you might recognize this pic as the one from the Facebook Bloggers in France group and it is indeed the very same one. As a sidenote, if you are on Facebook and you are a)a blogger in France b)not already part of this group, I encourage you to join! Bloggers in France unite! :)
PPS-To avoid all confusion- I am not, in fact, turning into a FrenchMAN.

2 commentaires:

nicole a dit…

yay, i'll join up! too funny. wow, whiting out notes while in class...pretty frenchie there. :-)

Samantha a dit…

i'm LMAO at the PSS!!

i think the big question here is : do you have a ruler & a trousse?