18 octobre, 2007

It's called "pardon"

TO: Too many French people
FROM: Not a revolving door

In the street, on the bus&metro, in the apt building, at school, in stores, in restaurants&bars, I am bascule-d. Remember the time I was actually a human being and not a revolving door for you to plow through nor a domino for you to topple over? Oh, also I'm not that into Rugby that you should try to smash into my shoulder as hard as you possibly can(in case you were wondering.) Yes, I know some of these cases are accidents. Either way, I think there's one little word that seems to be missing from a lot of people's vocabulary. That word is pardon.

Excuse you, lady, in Eurodif that decided to cut in front of me and proceed to bump into me and give ME the evil eyes. Me? Umm, I forget was it you or me that bumped into me...oh, that's right, it was YOU. And, you, lady in the grocery store line behind me, how about you back up enough so I don't feel like you're my long-lost siamese twin? And, you, couple that is taking up the whole trottoir, do you not see me coming with my huge grocery bag and my super-heavy bouteilles of eau? Oh, sorry, let ME just move out of YOUR way.

Ok, so that is people who need to say pardon as well as those that need to bouge their freakin culs out of my way. But, still, they enerve me!

3 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

Are you reading my mind?! Those same things happen to me and I think the exact same things about them as you do. Too funny. In the grocery store line, sometimes I swing my purse (gently, of course), which may hit the person who's RIDING MY ASS, but hopefully let's them know that they're WAY too close.

Victoria a dit…

wow you tell them!!

to answer your question from my blog;
the pumpkin naan is very pumpkiny (but i think it was roti-an afghan bread), but the ravioli tasted just too much like cinnamon.

Ashpanash a dit…

On a reverse note, i was in Montreal in July and the first thing i did when i got off the bus was: i bumbed into a montrealais (or whatever... Anyhow.. contrary to what i had thought. Quebecers are not as rude as frenchies.. (well in montreal anyways) The guy said loud and clear EXCUSÉ when i said pardon... then i was like.. oh shit.. they speak weird french here!!! lol it was trop drole let me tell you!