31 octobre, 2007

Happy Halloween

More like Happy Blahloween. It's Halloween, I'm all sicky and I'm hosting a H-Ween fete tonight! Plus, I'm en vacances...thank you kindly illness gods for the wonderful timing!! I woke up Tuesday morning after being up all night with a stomach ache which I thought would be gone by then. No, not only was it still there, but it also had evolved into coughing due to a sore throat as well as my nez coule-ing up a storm. I was better yesterday during the day-why is it it's always the worst in the morning and at night, anyways? But, then this morning, it is even worse with a headache added in just for fun. Yay...or not. I will be staying in all today in hopes that I can be better for ce soir. Either way, Halloween will be celebrated even if I have to do it resting in my lit. So, Happy Halloween to all of you out there, drink some OJ for me!

4 commentaires:

Karen a dit…

At least you managed the most perfect picture to accompany your Halloween post. Hope your party goes well!

Emily a dit…

I hope you had a great time at your party and are feeling better. My cold is almost hitting the 2 week mark. Ugh!

IslandGirl4Ever2 a dit…

Hey!!!! Where'd you manage to find the "American" pumpkin??!! I haven't seen them ANYWHERE in France.... Did you grow it yourself?? Just curious. Hope you are feeling better by now... My American friend and I went to Disneyland in Paris for Halloween and we were happy to see how many people got dressed up for the occassion!!! When we got back to Antony later on that night... we saw TRICK-OR-TREATERS in the street!! FABULOUS!!!!!

Leah a dit…

Yeah, the pic made me chuckle. Hehe.

E-I have no voice anymore since Wed night. So sad. Unless you're trying to make some sort of Guinness record, I hope your cold gets better soon!

Leesa-I def found this on the internet, I wish France had awesome pumpkins. But, alas, I've never seen one either!