12 septembre, 2007

Will I stay or will I go?

Ahem, so where was I? Ah, yes, of course:
Suite aux propositions qui m'ont ete faites par la commission d'admission, j'ai...
...l'honneur de vous informer que vous etes admis(e) a l'IUFM de Bretagne sur le site de RENNES.

Yayyyyy...I'm in, baby!!! And this means I'm gonna have to work my tail off to pass the exam at the end of this year in order to be able to go on and student teach next year. But, I am getting ahead of myself comme d'hab and for now I'm just thrilled!!!

PS-To all you Cheatin Charlies who already knew the answer and who shall remain nameless...let's just say Sam of you need to Jenuinely learn how to not Kareena to have the answer beforehand.
PPS-Don't think I don't know how you knew, you sneaky little people, you! :)

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nicole a dit…

this calls for a celebration of course!

Emily a dit…


Victoria a dit…


Leah a dit…

Thanks, girls!!! :)

Crystal a dit…

yay! so i'm kinda stupid to how this works...you are in uni, but what is your major? what courses will you be taking and stuff? it didn't seem so straightforward for me when I wanted to enroll in the iufm in Lille because the paperwork was huge and you had to specify what department you wanted to be in etc.

I'm just curious!!