10 septembre, 2007

No news is good news?

Ok, so I didn't really expect to get a letter today from school, but I was secretly hoping I would to be done with the world's longest wait. Now, I'm hoping for tomorrow, thinking Wednesday latest as school would start on Friday and I would want to get things straightened out before then. We will see. Anyhoo, in the meantime, I will post a few pics from the wedding in Richmond to tide you over, dear readers.

That's right, her bridal shower gift was, in fact, an old school Nintendo NES and she LOVED it as you can see from maybe the best reaction face ever.

K and I made this based on this super cool PJ shirt the bride used to wear with a big poodle on it in her college days. It is a matching PJ shirt for her groom! Hehe. We had to go for a gag gift as well, we couldn't help ourselves.

The boys being silly and random on a visit to our beautiful, beautiful college. It's been so long!

The bride finally gets a chance to sit down and relax with some cake and wine. I told her to look sophisticated, job well done.

No Chicken Dance, no Bunny Hop, no Hokey Pokey, but you gotta have the Electric Slide(boogie woogie woogie!)

The bride gettin down. Too bad she could only move her top half because the dress was so tight. Good thing she knows how to rock the robot. You'd better believe the shopping cart, lawn mower, shower and sprinkler came out with a vengeance. Fun times! Her dress was beautious, btw, which you don't get the whole effect of in this pic, unfortunately.

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