07 septembre, 2007

The longest wait of life

Last night, I set my alarm for 10 AM as I went to bed at 11 PM, figuring that would be enough time to make up all the sleep lost over the past week. Yeah, I didn't really listen to that alarm and instead chose to get up when I felt ready which instead of 10 AM, was 11:30 AM and I totally could have slept more. Anyway, despite a bit of fatigue and a good amount of nerves, I felt ok about the interview because I figured they couldn't really say my English sucks. Well little did I know, the whole interview would be in French! Apparently whenever they have someone apply with a foreign diploma, they have to make sure their French is ok as it is required in classes as well as part of the concours and French writing methods are very different from American ones. However, I learned that this year, there were three anglos in the program and they all passed, so that made me feel better...although they might have been doing a slightly different version of what I'll be doing where the test score required is lower.

I could not have had a nicer lady to talk to and she made me totally comfortable so I just blabbered on about my cursus and why France pleases me(hehe, that sounds dirty when literally translated, but you know what I mean!) At the end, she said she couldn't give me an official answer, but she couldn't see why I wouldn't be accepted and that she wouldn't bother to continue the interview because she already knew my French would be fine. She also told me I'll get something in the mail either way next week and said that if there's a souci with my paperwork, to not hesitate to contact her. Nice and helpful person going out of her way? She must be anglo. Kidding...well, sort of anyway. So, I do feel good about all this, but I'm not yet going to get my hopes up because you just never knew. Plus, her saying she thinks it'll be fine is good and all, but I'll wait to jump for joy until I get those papiers in my hot little mains. Long live French waiting!

3 commentaires:

nicole a dit…

oh you are so close now! it's going to be great and hopefully soon.

Karina a dit…

good luck!! keeping fingers crossed for you and go have some crepes ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

ooh, good luck waiting this week! i bet you'll be checking the boite aux lettres every day :) but in any case, we should finally meet up! i don't have much going on this week, so we should pick a day and go get a cafe or something! - alisa