22 septembre, 2007

Thoughts of the week

I have a lecturer that looks like Gerard Depardieu in Jean de Florette...like maybe he could be his longlost twin brother separated at birth. Ironically, it was also "Talk like a Pirate Day" that I had class with him. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

It's not just me that thinks all this didactique(theory of teaching) shenanigans is hard as F...the Frenchie I was working with in a group project and I both decided thinking through this stuff was giving us a headache...phew, I'm not the only one!

It is really easy to just not listen to your didactique teacher and spend the three hours worrying about your visit to the Trefecture.

France and I have a love/hate thing going on here and, at times, the hate WAY overshadows the love.

It is going to take a miracle for me to get my Tarte de Mesjours and, by miracle, I mean someone really not paying attention to the fact that my visa I handed in is not only NOT a student visa, it is also from 2006...dammit, dammit, dammit! Not looking good, folks. I even entered the Trefecture's number into my phone for when I will receive a call from those bastards saying that what I gave won't work. Watch them send a letter this time. I hate waiting for imminent bad news.

Sometimes I really wish my hair was straight...it would make things so much easier a lot of the time. It takes me an hour to tame my wild mane if I want it to be straight. It'd be so nice to just wake up and go. Sigh, you always want what you can't have.

I'm really gonna have to get myself a cool trousse once I'm working which might be soon as I have a few different possibilites for English lessons. I hope it works out.

It's pretty cool how all the years of French have paid off enough that I can understand most of what goes on in a class about how to teach, how students learn, styles of teaching, etc with references to stuff that's happened in the past 150 years or so in France's history...all this in French! I was lucky to have had some good teachers whose love for the language and culture really struck me.

My cat is trilingual...doesn't she rock? Hehe.

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