26 juin, 2007

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Ok, well, my roomie is watching TV and I'm waiting to call my rents, so I thought I would get my blog on with my latest complaint, I mean, "entry." I discovered today I am feeling a bit ofthe green-eyed monster in that I have a friend who seems like she has everything falling in place and it just happens to be everything I want...grr. Oh how I envy her, let me count the ways:
1) She just got a job for the summer. Myself, I have 1, that's right, 1(!!!) babysitting job that will start before or after July 15th and will be once or twice a week. Before or after July 15th, that's random you might think, well you ain't the only one!
2) She happens to have EU citizenship. Don't get me started.
3) Her friend that's an assistant just gave her the info of someone who needs English lessons. Hmm, what was it again that Leah was searching for? Was it English lasoos? No, I believe it was ENGLISH LESSONS!
4) She gets paid this summer for her job although she has not worked since the beginning of June and will not work again until September! Almost 3 months pay for no work! Why doesn't the assistantship pay through the summer? Tooootally kidding, ps.
5) She secured a job for this fall. The guy who they originally hired(it's an exchange) backed out at the last minute. How conveeeenient.
6) She has a loving boyfriend. Scratch that, she has A boyfriend period. Someone who will help her when things get rough and will stay by her side so that she's never alone. How wonderful. I'm brimming with joy.
Bitter much? Yes. Now, is it better that my anger has turned to bitterness? Or should I just be honest and say I am now not only bitter, but also angry? Fan-freakin-tastic! Hope all's well.
Bitty McBitterson

3 commentaires:

Jonathan & Kari a dit…

I totally understand. Not that I want to change citizenship or anything, but being EU sure makes la vie a lot easier, doesn't it?

Jennie a dit…

I totally commiserate with the EU citizenship thing. SO NOT FAIR!!!

I love your blog, btw.

Anonyme a dit…

hey it's alisa, i've become stalker (ie: bored). anyhoo, just wanted to say i *completely* commiserate with you on this one, i have a friend who has pretty much the same things as this one (except no job, but she has the right to work, so whatever, we're still jealous). grrrrrr!!

anyhoo, i'm crossing my fingers for you that the iufm thing works out, and hopefully we'll get to meet up once we're both in rennes!