22 juin, 2007

I am a geek

So, I went and saw Shrek 3 at the Gaumont on Wed and I gotta say I really don't know how they do it, but yet again, it was pretty darn good! I mean, the things these people come up with and their intense creativity blows my mind. "I suck-eth" taped on someone's back...that's just classic. A store called Versarchery? Very clever. Ye Olde Foot Locker? Again great(won't spill on that one, though, don't want to ruin it for those of you haven't seen it yet!) But, if you liked the first and second, definitely go see the third. I'm dying to see it in English because I can only imagine it would be even funnier and I also prefer Mike Myers as Shrek and, umm, kinda would've preferred Justin Timberlake over some random French dude playing Arthur. Besides them, Julie Andrews, several gals from SNL, etc, etc.

Speaking of animated films, would l'Age de Glace(Ice Age) be still funny for a CM2(5th grader)? I'm hoping so as I'm planning on showing it next week for my LAST.WEEK.OF.CLASSES!!! Youpiiii! JK, I am not actually a 8 yr old French child who would say that, I was just in the moment, quoi. Yeah, so I wanted to do something to celebrate the end of the year and those kids are already gone on vacation in their cabezas anyways, so I figured something like a film would be fun and CALM. I'm planning on showing l'Age de Glace in English with French subtitles provided that is actually a possibility. If not, I'll have to scour Geant, Carrefour or LeClerc for some cheap DVDs and invest in one myself. I was thinking a long the lines of Shrek 1 or Finding Nemo. Definitely an animated film, but I'm cheap, so I'd rather not buy one myself especially if I do end up leaving France and then the film would be of no use to me. We will see.

That reminds me, I still have to see Shrek 1 in English! I saw it in French in 2002 when I lived abroad in Rennes for the first time as a study abroad student. My friend had already seen it and we watched it together. Well, she was apparently a pretty big fan because everytime something should have been funny in the film aka would have been funny in the English version, she repeated what was said in English. Let's just say my friend, who is not a middle-aged black man, didn't really compare to hearing Eddie Murphy play Donkey. Also, somehow l'Ane just doesn't work...especially said with Shrek's scottish accent, it just isn't the same. However, I loved loved LOVED Pinocchio and the Gingerbread man's voices in French. Espec the part when Pinocchio is trying so hard not to lie so just keeps on saying really vague sentences, I was literally cracking up. Ok, I need to stop talking about Shrek because now it won't be my negativity that scares y'all away, it will be my geekiness! Haha.

Anyway, a subject I have been wanting to share for a while would be my pet peeves. I'm pretty detail-oriented and by that, I mean anal, so a lot of my pet peeves are things I have to deal with quite often. So, for your knowledge and for my entertainment(I enjoy making lists...ahem...as I said anal) and in no specific order, I have composed a list of my...

1) sitting in the aisle seat on the bus-let me just clarify that I don't feel the need to always sit down on the bus and especially don't like sitting with STRANGE*ers, but I just think it's so very inconsiderate to take up two spaces because you want to sit by yourself. In that case, too bad, find a place standing then!
2) rudeness-this can encompass so many different things and can exist in so many different ways from the grocery store clerk that doesn't even say hello or goodbye to a lady that poked a guy on the train with her umbrella because she was in a hurry(so was he, btw.) I am a polite person with excellent manners and I cannot stand for people being rude whether to me or others. One guy once yelled at my mom when my fam was all together at a James Taylor concert in MA. He told her to not step on his blanket(it was an outdoor lawn and tons of people brought blankets and/or chairs and picnics). It was jam-packed with people by the time we got there and there was no other way to find a spot but to make your way through the people already sitting down and find an empty spot of lawn. I'm sorry, but too bad my mother(one of the nicest people in the world who does not have a rude bone in her body) stepped on your precious blanket. So, my mom told him he was rude for yelling at her and he said "no, you're rude" and I turned and said "actually, you're the one who's rude." I could have said something about the fact that we had no other choice, but to make our way through all the people and we were trying our best not to disturb people's set-ups, but it's super crowded and we're carrying chairs, a cooler and a blanket, but I didn't because I could tell he was a bitter, old man and he didn't even deserve my time. So there!
3)men who wear murses, fanny packs and jeans tighter than mine aka many french and spanish man-ok, this one's kinda a lark, but come on, now!
4)people who walk really slow in front of you or right behind you-more annoying is the right behind, just go in front of me!
5)close-talkers and loud breathers-nuff said!
6) loud and/or gross eaters-this one really bugs me. Any variation of lip-smacking, food dribbling, slurping, sloshing, teeth or mouth picking is bound to drive me bonkers. There's a lady that eats her breakfast on one of the trains I take and she eats a full-blown bowl of cereal. Well, this train is pretty early, so it's pretty quiet and her milk-slurping resonates through the whole car. Grr.
7)being hot-I have little to no tolerance for this and find myself unable to carry on a normal conversation until I have cooled down. Let's just say, my hair and face are not friends with humidity.
8)on-the-go t-shirts-Yes, it's nice you went to Florida, but can't you find another t-shirt that doesn't have a huge smiling alligator with a hot pink background?

That's all for now, folks! Off to the Beaux-Arts museum with Jen that I've still never been to after all this time here.
*Oh, the lady on the bus next to me was a case. She was talking to anyone and everyone whilst shoving crackers into her bouche non-stop which I can only assume crumbled all over me as she might as well have been sitting on top of me. She was dressed like a homeless person would be on a very cold night in December which is a mystery to me because even when it was raining and a little chilly earlier, it wasn't THAT cold. I always get the winners, I tell ya!

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Gem a dit…

It's funny, I used to feel the way you do about people taking the aisle seat on the bus... until I lived in Spain for a year. I realized that the reason people (women, mostly) take the aisle seat is to be able to escape from pervs who sit next to them. I discovered this the hard way, after 3 or 4 guys hit on me by sitting beside me on the bus. Later in the year I read a travel book that advised women to "pick their seatmates on public transportation," and I saw that using the aisle seat is a way to do that when there is no one else on the bus. I got really anal about it; I would always sit on the window side of a woman who had chosen the aisle seat, and when she got off I'd switch seats to be on the aisle.

Leah a dit…

If that's the case, I can understand as long as they do actually let some people sit with them. But, at the same time, how can they really know who will be pervy and who won't just by looking?
But, I know that's not the case with many people here. Like say a kid in high school with his IPOD blasting who chooses the aisle seat. I'm pretty sure he wants to sit alone and decides to make that clear by sitting in the aisle so no one will try and sit next to him. I find it selfish in that case.