10 novembre, 2008

Two outta three ain't bad!

So, the apartment hunt has officially begun. While I've been checking out ads on the internet for a couple months now, I was waiting until I actually sent out my lettre recommandee with accuse de reception and got the confirmation that my proprio got it and then hurdled the task of telling my current roomies. Well, now that that's all said and done, it was time to tackle the beast of going to the agences to see what's available since not much is online for when I want to move. I headed out today not knowing how it was going to go since I've never been to the agencies before as I found my colocation on the internet. I decided to go to the three places near me figuring that a)since I want to stay in this hood, they might be the best bet for that and b)since they're close by, if I ever need to stop in for whatever reason, it would be very convenient.
First agence-I walk in and two younger girls are at the accueil. They both are very friendly and when I say that I know it might be a bit early(seeing as all the annonces they had outside were for at least a month before I want to move), one tells me it's never too early to search for an apartment. She takes down my info as well as my general preferences and says that the woman who takes care of this is busy today, but she'll give me a call once something comes up. I then proceed to the second agence.
Second agence-I walk in and the lady at the desk walks away, umm not really a good sign. Luckily, she redeems herself by calling out her colleague's name saying there is someone waiting to be helped. Phew. New lady gets down to business and takes down the details of what I'm looking for. She then tells me the person is out today who would be able to help me, but asks for my name and number so that she can contact me once she has done some recherches. She writes down Mlle Leah until I correct her and say Leah is my first name, umm duh. On to the third!
Third agence-I walk in and lady is on phone. I patiently wait for her to finish and remark on how freakin hot it is in the place. Me hates the heat. Strike one. The lady finally gets off the phone and I explain that I'm looking to rent an appart etc and she directs me to her collegue in the next room. Collegue says hi and then just sort of waits for me to talk. Awkward. Aren't real estate agents supposed to act like your new bff so they can get your money? She should learn a lesson from the bankers. Strike two. So, I am awkward and say c'est vous, Christine? The lady at the reception didn't tell me her last name, though! Oh well. I go on to say I'm looking for an apartment a louer in a little under 3 month's time. She looks at me like I have two heads and says and I quote " c'est beaucoup trop tot pour chercher" and then tells me she only has 1 appart that she knows of that is even dispo then and that I should come back at the earliest at the end of December. I say umm ok, I'll repasse a ce moment-la. Thanks for the help(or not.) Strike three.
I'm an organized person, I can't help it, I like to get $h!+ done. Coming from the two places where they didn't hesitate to take down my info and where one girl even said it was never to early to look for a place, I thought it was pretty lame for the lady(from a reputable company, btw, that exists in the US) to look at me like I was crazy for already getting started with my search, then tell me she did have a place(ok, just one, but still, it's not like there were none!) and then not even take my info. It doesn't really make me want to go back there and actually I was hoping to get this sorted before I go home for Xmas anyways. Is that like super crazy of me? Now, I'm just hoping to hear soon from the other ladies and if I don't hear from them within a week, I'm thinking I'll go elsewhere just to leave my options open. Wish me luck!

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Andromeda a dit…

I went to go look at places in May to move in September. So definitely never too early! My agency isn't even in the same town, so don't limit yourself too much. I saw what apartments I liked online and then went to those agencies. My final decision was totally based on who had the lowest agency fees. Bon courage!

Alisa a dit…

When are you looking to move in?
I'd say yes, it's good that you're looking, but for the moment only take a place if you really like it, because there are probably lots of places that'll pop up in the month or two before you want to move in. At least this way you have lots of time to go visit places - hopefully your search will be a lot easier than Sam's was! Bonne chance avec tout ça!

Leah a dit…

An-I actually have seen very few apartments online that are available for when I want to move which is why I thought I'd better head to the agencies in person. Even if there's not much out there, at least they're taking my info and will be looking for me. But, I definitely won't be limiting myself to the agencies near me unless they find me an awesome apt. Once it gets closer to Feb, I will be looking online more and more and will def go to agencies with apts I like.

It is never too early! Sept should be easier to find for since it's the rentree and the start of a lot new jobs, so a lot of people are moving in/out. Bon courage with that!

Al-I'm looking to move late Jan/early Feb. I'm thinking I'll at least look at 5 places even if I see a place I really like from the beginning. But, I ain't gonna settle! I already have a list of things I want and though I know I won't realistically be able to find a "perfect" apt, certain things I just am not willing to compromise on such as price and location. I will have lots of time to look, you're right, but you know me, I just wanna get it done!

au soleil levant a dit…

Btw, this is like the third time your blog has eaten one of my comments. Seriously. I know I posted something, and now it isn't here!

I think it's great that you're looking so early, now these places will automatically have you in mind when something becomes available! You're totally making me want to move too, btw, and today I saw a sign about studios for rent right in centre ville...

Leah a dit…

M-Not sure why my blog is so hungry, eating all your comments like that, sorry bout that! I hope that's the case with going early and the sooner I can get a place set, the better. So, now you're thinking about moving too? It must be in the air, good luck obviously if you decide to go for that!