04 novembre, 2008


Well, after my bit of drama a la Gossip Girl, I'm ready to share some major news with you people that I'm very excited about. I'm mooooooving! That's right, after over 2 years in the same ol' apartment and 5 different roomies later, I'm ready to casse-myself. I've always told myself this would be my last coloc and that the next place I lived would be my own appart. I wasn't in a rush to get out before, though, I mean it is gonna take a decent amount of sous to do this afterall. However, I think that the fact that my newest roomies are not people I ever see myself being friends with has really given me the extra push I needed to see this thing through. I told them last night which was a huge relief because for whatever reason it was making me nervous. But, I'm giving them plenty of time plus I already know of someone who might be interested in taking my place which means they could be set pretty soon and without paying 1 centime on appartager or any other roommate sites.

I, on the otherhand, have to actually find this magical, new apartment. I've been looking for about a month online and have seen very few things open for when I want to move. So, I'm thinking I'll have to go to the agencies and see if they do actually have stuff dispo and they just haven't put it online(thinking it's too early) or what. I really would love to stay in the same quartier I live in now-close enough to walk to downtown, lots of buses if I need to take them, but at the same time pretty calm seeing as I can hear ducks coin-coining as I write this. The only other place I would live would be centreville, but that usually means an apt that's either super cher or the size of my pinky, so on verra. In any case, I'm very excited and can't wait to find my new place and get all the perks that go along with it. Plus, decorating, hello? What could be fun-ner? So yeah, that's my big news and I honestly CANNOT wait!
PS-Go Obama!

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Astrid a dit…

That's great news!! Congrats :)

Go to the agencies because if you are on their waiting lists they will first call their potential clients and only after put the house on the market/internet!

That's how we got our flat 2 years ago. The 2 minutes after the house be
came free, Miss agent called us.

Good luck!

joy suzanne a dit…


obamamacitas will be partying in France, tomorrow night!!!! yeeeee!!!!

Isn't it awful being six hours ahead of EST? And polls staying open until 11pm on the West Coast... ugh. I want to hear that announcement TONIGHT instead of tomorrow morning!

Ksam a dit…

woot!! that's very exciting news miss leah!!

au soleil levant a dit…

Wow, your own place! That is exciting news. Good luck finding something affordable, decently sized and in a good location.

Leah a dit…

A-Thanks for the advice, I will definitely have to get going to the agencies soon! Maybe early next week when I have a couple of days off. The sooner I'm set, the better. As long as I see a few different places, I'll be bon.

JS-I wish I didn't have to get up early tomorrow morning, I was invited to an election slumber party. Instead, I will be sleeping and then (hopefully) waking up early to good news.


ASL-Thanks, those are obviously the most important things to me, but I know I will most likely have to compromise on at least one of them. Fingers croised!

Andromeda a dit…

Oh hurray! Solo living is the way to go. Plus you'll have the kitty so you'll have someone to talk to. I talk to (and occasionally yell at) my television. The neighbors think I'm weird but it's totally worth the not dealing with other people's weirdness. Good luck on the hunt!

Leah a dit…

A-Yay, yeah I'm def excited! It's true kitty will be there, although maybe I could start talking to random appliances or something? Hello blender, how goes it? What was that, toaster? See you tonight, microwave! Keep on talking to that tele, there are stranger things out there!

Alisa a dit…

Hooray new apartment! I thought that might have been what you were hinting about earlier... are you looking for a furnished place? You could also check out the ads at the fac, maybe there's something there. In any case, good luck and I hope you're able to find something super awesome soon :)

joy suzanne a dit…

Any luck finding a place?

Leah a dit…

Alisser-Thanks! Not so much furnished-I don't want to be living in fear of messing up someone else's stuff. I think I'm going to go through an agence actually, rather than particulier, but I'll keep that in mind!

J-No luck yet as I haven't really started! I will be attacking that beast next week hopefully!!

Emily a dit…

Good luck with the move!