17 novembre, 2008

Random comme d'hab

I think I'm supposed to be eating dinner with my colocs ce soir which is about as tempting as punching myself in the face, so instead I choose to blog. I know I'm still almost as absent as ever, but for good reasons. What with teaching, preparing for teaching and lotsa socializing(note vid above of the third of three Soiree Raclettes in the past 2 weeks), I really just haven't had the motivation/inspiration to sit down and blog. My brain is constantly thinking of about a bajillion things at once and blogging is usually not one of them. High on the list is moving plans and thinking about allllll of the things I will have to purchase when I move. I mean, I have the bare minimum furniture-wise(a couch, 4 chairs and a bed!), but if I were to make the list of everything else I'm missing, it'd be pretty dern long! Though I did more than double my salary from last year(which was pretty meager to begin with, so I'm definitely not rolling in the dough by any means), I've had a lot of stuff to pay off. 140 for a mattress+sommier, 110 for surcharges of our EDF/GDF, 130 in Taxe d'habitation, 500 for a plane ticket home...that's 900 easy euros gone right there. Thank goodness for the bank loan I got because there's no way I would have been able to get by otherwise. And by no way I mean no way besides asking the rents, but I want to avoid that if I can because I am a quasi-grownup afterall.

So, I won't be buying out any expensive furniture store anytime soon, but I will be hitting the Trocante, Ebay and a couple places I've heard of in Rennes where you can get new products with not-so-grave defauts(like dents, scratches, wrong colors) for way cheaper. Although I don't want to get too much before I move because that's just more stuff to have to move! I think I'll wait for a)the soldes which tombes bien because I'm moving end of Jan/debut fev, so I can hopefully grab some of the bigger, more expensive things then. But, I'm thinking even the little things I don't have are going to add up fast...vaccuum, broom, mop, toaster, microwave along with all the cleaning supplies I will have to buy as well. My detail-oriented personality(read:a touch of OCD) makes me want to do things like guesstimate prices of aluminum foil+mop rags+windex=?? I guess I shouldn't think about it too much in detail because it might, maybe just maybe, stress me out a bit. I think focusing on the caution, first month's rent and agency fees are quite enough, thank you very much. Plus, not all of what's on my lists(yes, you read that right, that's lists with an 's') is really priority. Take cheese grater for instance, I can live without it. Yes, my lists are specific. I should do that for a job except that I don't wish to organize other people's lives, just my own.

So yeah, I've got moving on the brain a bit. Plus, exciting plans for when I do actually move(Yur, you know what I'm talkin bout!), so I'm looking forward to actually getting stuff sorted. The sooner, the better. It's a maladie, I tell ya! Sur ce, here's a little meme that I've wanted to do for a while but for aforementioned reasons, I never got to. Taggees, find your names at the bottom.

Six things you probably don't know about me:

1) I only give myself 30 mins in the morning to get ready. I value sleep too much, so I take showers at evening or nighttime and I oftentimes wake up with yesterday's makeup(yes, I know this is bad.)

2) I am very sensitive to certain noises(what's interesting is that my sis is like that with smells and can't go near a perfume shop.) I was that girl that stood inside watching the fireworks from afar because the sudden BOOM! just didn't bode too well with me. I've gotten more used to it as I've gotten older, but it still bothers me a bit. It's now translated into standing far away from people opening bubbly wines or champagnes, although that might also have to do with my fear of things going into eyes.

3) I can tell when meeting someone for the first time if they are someone who I could be good friends with. I haven't been wrong yet. Bizarrely enough though, unless it's blatantly obvious like they are a jackface or a creepster, I have a hard time placing exactly what it is about people that just doesn't rub me the right way.

4) I have a strange fear of falling into open spaces. My mall back home has its' second floor overlooking the first and I avoid being near the railing like the plague. I constantly think about what if someone accidentally bumped into me or what if I was leaning on it and the glass broke. This goes for sewer grates, metro stations and any cavernous space of any sort pretty much.

5) I can never remember who I tell what to. For instance, now that I'm thinking about it, I might have mentioned my fear of falling into open spaces on here before, but I'm not sure. In some ways I have a really good memory(like useless random facts or memorizing things), but other times, I have a hard time remembering very specific details of a general thing if that makes sense. I did well in high school for instance because it was a lot of memorization(which is a big part of why languages came so easy to me), but college was more difficult because I am not so analytical and it takes time for me to organize my thoughts.

6)I am random. I start talking about one thing and then end up in a completely different place. Hence the blog. Oh and speaking about organization, I am so organized sometimes I forget how organized I am and try to do things like a normal person. Say I'm going to use the same photocopy for 2 different classes. Well, I will do something like make a photocopy and put it in the folder for each class, so that I can have the copy in the 2 places I need it instead of having to remember that I need to transfer it from one folder to the other after I'm done with the first class. Then I file the orignal away because I like to get $h!t done. Then, I proceed to forget that I have done so and spend time looking for the original(that I have already filed away) so I can make copies for the second class and then remember that I am so ridiculously organized that I already not only have filed away the original, but also have the copy that I need in the folder for that class. Yeah, so that probably only made sense to me. What was I saying about being random again, I forget if I mentioned that here or not. Cycle vicieux.

Je tagge: Fellow Canuck, Going to Episode 200!, hopefully also going to Ep. 200!!

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Andromeda a dit…

Yay a tag! I'll do it bientôt. I am already thinking about things for when I move in with Ben in JUNE, lol. Note: living without a microwave and toaster is hard but not impossible. I have just started buying those craquant or brioche things=toasty already! Also, number three makes me nervous about meeting people at episode 200!! But funny story, my best friend at home knows EXACTLY why she doesn't like people, ie: they have an annoying voice or they don't wash their hands in the bathroom or they use scrunchies to tie their hair (yeah I don't get that one either). She has incredible observation skills that would be a sight to see in a Parisian café.
End of ridiculously long comment!

Eileen a dit…

I have to say I quite enjoy the randomness of your blog Leah. I wish I had your talent for it.

Au Soleil Levant a dit…

This is a huge day for me! First tag! Thanks, I feel so special and blogger-club-member-ish now. And I will hopefully be making it to the 200th episode, if I ever get my act together to make a hostel reservation. I should do that now. I'll reply to the tag after I think up my six things.

I could totally have written your sixth answer myself! If I had a nickel for every time I did something like that! Except for me the organization system breaks down because I'm not an inherently organized person, I'm an inherently forgetful person who has delusions that I'm actually well organized. Half the time I don't have the original because I left it at the school where I photocopied it.

Leah a dit…

A-Wait, I thought you were moving in September, no? I'm confuzzled now. Don't be nervous(as long as you're not a fan of awkward silences or a scrunchie-wearer, we shouldn't have a problem!)

E-I think by talent you mean lack thereof. Thanks anyways, though!

M-I'm the first one to tag you?? No way, how kewl! I hope you do make it to Episode 200, maybe I can help you organize your life? Haha. Can't wait to see your post!

Andromeda a dit…

Lol, sorry I forget not everyone knows everything about my life! I looked in May for the apartment I moved into in September as in two months ago (changing cities too from Metz to Mulhouse). I will move back to Metz in June, and have been thinking about it obsessively ever since I found out in April I'd have to move away in the first place.

Ok, got it? :-)

Hayley a dit…

Your counter-productive organisation sounds like me! I laughed out loud at that bit, but more so your fear of falling into open spaces. I have a fear of falling over whilst walking and down stairs, everytime I descend a stair or walk on uneven ground I 'know' I'm going to fall and take an absolute age to get anywhere! I think obsessive leanings are common with linguists, but it makes us good at our job!

P.s. I'm hoping to move to Rennes but don't know where to start. What's the job market like at the moment for English teachers?