07 novembre, 2007

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

I feel like all I come on here to do is whine, b****, moan, complain, blah, blah, blah. You're probably all thinking, "Put a cork in it, Leah!" I know I certainly am. And why would I put a cork back in the wine when I can just drink it? Sorry, the wine distracted me. I must have a case of Katia and Kyliemac ;-D

Anyways, many things about France are getting on my nerves at the minute plus right before every time that I'm about to head home, I seem to get very anti-France and pro-USA. I could talk about many a thing that's on my mind right now and believe-you-me, I gots a lots going on in my tete. But, instead of creating Blogging Snooze Fest 2007, I will just go ahead and shut it and provide you with a meme I was tagged for by Victoria.
So here she blows:

"List one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your first or middle name. You can theme it to your blog or make it general. Then tag one person for each letter of your name."

L is for Laughing. I heart laughing. Anyone that can make me laugh gets an A+ in my book. I love to make people laugh and in my family, two of my cousins, my sister and I are known as the kooky ones who will re-enact SNL sketches, crack jokes and just be goofballs in general. I'm kinda the bees' knees. And, yes, I do know how to laugh at myself in case you're wondering with that last comment.

E is for Emotional. I cry at Hallmark commercials. No joke. I like to call myself a "softie", but basically it means I cry easily and heavily. Haha. Is it just me that gets touched by stories of heroism and generosity? Bueller?

A is for Anti-social. Ok, not really anti-social, more like timid or shy. Why isn't my name LETH or LESH? Maybe because that's fugly? But, it would make things easier and I wouldn't have to cheat! Anyway, as I was saying shy or timid. I can be a rather shy or timid person when I first meet people, but it depends on the circumstances. It's hard to describe really because I'm different if I meet just one person and I'm by myself than if I meet one or several people and/or I'm with 1 or more friends. I'm already more of a group person when it comes to friends because I feel more at ease and let my guard down. So because of this, many of my friends have thought I was totally one way when they first met me and once they got to know me, their opinion totally changed. I've become better about being myself right away over the years and being a foreigner in France has helped enormously, but I'm still nowhere near where I would like to be. It's just funny because people in my classes now I'm sure think I'm nice, but kinda quiet and probably don't think I would be a funny person. But, if they were to see me when I'm more at ease, they would be blown away by how hilarious I am(as well as modest!)

H is for Holidays. I love holidays whether it be in the British sense of holidays aka vacances or American sense of jours feries. Vacances-what can I say against them? And as for holidays-my favorite by far is Christmas, although my birthday(yes, it's a holiday people!) and Thanksgiving come in as close seconds. I just love the holiday spirit you can feel at Christmas, I love being around my wonderful family, I love the decorations, I love the songs(I've already started with those!...my rule is Nov 1st is the first day I allow myself to start aka because Halloween is over), I love the traditions, I love the food, I love the scents, I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Have I convinced you enough?

So, apparently I have to tag four people according to the rules of the meme, so I'm gonna go ahead and ask Crystal, Jennie, Nicole and Joy Suzanne.

6 commentaires:

Backinthegroove a dit…

Don't worry I think I hold the title for queen of the moaners at the moment.

Em x

Samantha a dit…

Dude, it's your blog, bitch away!

And you know we all love to commiserate with you, LOL!

nicole a dit…

and thank god you tell it like it is. i need to hear it from someone other than me.

oh and, i'm all warm and fuzzy from my first ever meme (thingy) tag! oh, so special!! :-)

Victoria a dit…

oh thanks for doing my meme!! and feel free to complain away :)

joy suzanne a dit…

pppffffft. Not a lot of words start with J, O, or Y.

I have the hardest time imagining you're shy! You're like, super funny and stuff. And stuff.

Leah a dit…

E&S-I know I'm not the only one to complain, but I just feel like a Debbie Downer over here with all my whining!

N-Yay for memes, can't wait to read yours!

V-De rien, no prob.

JS-You should just cheat and use words that have j, o and y in them, that's what I'd do! As for being shy, I mean, it really depends but yeah it seems weird to me too considering how not shy I am with my friends. I dunno. Freak of nature, I guess!