19 novembre, 2007

Mysteries of Rennes

I'm still not that inspired to write out what's se passer-ing in my vie at the moment, so instead I will share a picture of one of the Seven World Wonders...of Rennes. This wonder which I refer to as "The Ice Cream Statue" is actually located down the street from me and I see it almost every day on my way to the bus stop. I feel like there really should be a story that goes along with having a giant ice cream-shaped statue on your terrasse. Former owners of an ice cream shop? Fan of ice cream and won it in a contest? A prank played by friends? Unfortunately for me, I don't think I will ever know the true story of the Ice Cream Statue. My guess? It's a toy for a giant baby! What do you think?

2 commentaires:

joy suzanne a dit…

Giant baby, giant baby for sure. ;)

Karina a dit…

hey glad you liked the stuffing :-) i made twice as much this year (1 batch for the turkey and one that didn't fit in the turkey to be baked in the oven) - no leftovers! haha
glad you had a good t-day, i'm still stuffed after last night!