29 mai, 2007

A final au revoir?

Wow, so many crappy things have happened to me in the past month that you really start to wonder what you did to deserve it all! I believe things are meant to be and that things happen for a reason, now what reason that would be, I could not tell you. But, it's at least semi-comforting to know I'm meant for life to shite on me...well, because then I can do nothing about it, I guess.

On the job front, things are not looking good AT ALL. I was accepted to work at a language immersion program for July and August, but now that I'm probably leaving for good in August, I think I'll probably stay and try to find English lesson/babysitting jobs. Yeah, good luck, Leah. In any case, that was just a temporary thing to sort of have something to do while I waited out The Decision by the Inspection/Rectorat/Daric/Academie/CIEP/Your mom. It was going to allow things to be easier in terms of all my stuff here in France and money-wise when I (hopefully) would find out I was offered a post as an assistant for next year. As for June 2008, well, I would figure something out then. Well, now it's all gone to merde.

I found out today that because I renewed in 2005-2006 and then didn't take the post, they count that as a renewal and that I quit and since you can only be renewed once, I can't be accepted this year. Mother effers! The deal is you can only be an assistant three times total, 2 consecutive years max and you can only renew using the spiffy renewal form ONCE. Well, I would fulfill those requirements if they weren't counting 05-06 as me being renewed even though I didn't accept the poste. Now, I will try to work my way around this. But, it really is not looking good in the least, kids.

This is pretty much my only way to stay in France that I see as reasonable in terms of what I'm doing with my life-I feel au pairing or taking up studies just to be able to stay would be really taking a huge step backward. Although, maybe I could try out the CAPES or AGREG in order to eventually be a legit teacher. But, if I don't eventually become a citizen, all the studying would have been FOR NOTHING because you can only teach if you're a citizen. I dunnooooo. I maybe have an interview coming up, but I really doubt I would get it. But, please, please, PLEASE cross your fingers for me.

You know, I wasn't expecting to be renewed, but obviously still was counting it as POSSIBLE. To now learn it isn't possible because of an m-effing TECHNICALITY that they have not bothered to mention to me for the THREE MONTHS they've had my dossier....well that pisses me off. No, more than anything, it makes me sad. Sad to think about leaving and never coming back. Because if I don't get something for next year, I'm 99.9% sure that will mean au revoir to France for good. Siiiiigh...

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