29 octobre, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Hightlights of my holidays so far:

Watching ridiculous amounts of Gossip Girl

Running errands up the wazoo

Finalizing a very important decision that will mean a big change for this lady

Getting together my Halloween costume bits and pieces-just know that my costume involves a boa and a sparkly flower in my hair, details to follow later

Shopping for school supplies and magic pens!

Picking up my Tarte de Mes Jours!!!

And vacances aren't even over yet! I still have 4 more days plus a very exciting Halloweener party on Friday!

PS-Isn't that pic of the Go-Go's so deliciously 80s it hurts?

4 commentaires:

screamish a dit…

gossip girls?? what is that? must investigate!

Leah a dit…

Gossip girl is a show about 17 yr old bourgeois high schoolers acting like they're 25. It's full of drama and lots of scheming. Quite enjoyable, really. Check it out on sidereel.com

shannon a dit…

Isn't Gossip Girl like the most addicting show ever? It was a Chauny favorite last year. We were all glued to the new episode each week. And I am still the same way this year!

Leah a dit…

OMG, I love it. Except now I find myself narrating everything Gossip Girl-style. Thursday morning, we find L waiting for the bus...hehe