07 octobre, 2008

Smarter than a first grader

So, as I am now on Week 6 of the rentree at New School and Week 3 at OS, I have been reminded of some extremely important things all thanks to my lovely students:

Farts are funny. Admit it, you know you want to laugh. Also, making farting noises is almost just as good.

People dropping things(namely me) is also hilarious, it is funny to see your teacher look like a fool.

Sometimes you have boogers, often times you cannot be arsed to do anything about it.

When your teacher says the letter 'p', don't hesitate to repeat the word pipi over and over again. It is honestly one of the funniest things ever. Don't forget about "zee", what word would be funny to formulate using that letter? Oh, and don't you love how 'q' sounds like cul?? I know I do!

Also, tiger sounds like ta gueule and six sounds like...I'll leave you to figure that one out. It might be a toughie!

Yes, kids will be kids anywhere you go. I actually do have a bit of a difficult group in one of my first grade classes. They kind of donnent me envie to m'arracher les cheveux. I finally (along with their prof) had to lay down the law with them and make them realize that I mean business. They showed up the next class with drawings asking for my forgiveness for their rude and boisterous behavior. Whilst this was appreciated, I would just like you to NB some of the things they wrote...

pardon lia pour n'avoir pas ete sage
je m'aiscuse pour avoir rigole
lille morise(l'ile maurice)

...and that, mes amis, is why I'm smarter than a first grader!

3 commentaires:

au soleil levant a dit…

Sound like adorable little angels... or not at all. Even though my kids are really stupid compared to everyone else's kids they are mostly nice and well behaved, so there's one thing to be said for living in the country. Bon courage!

And to give you a little giggle, one of my more famous French mistakes is pronoucing queue like cul in the phrase faire le queue. That one still gets big laughs during the retelling all these months later!

Leah a dit…

M-Besides this class, my kids are actually really sages. And even this class isn't that bad. Let's put it this way, I've seen worse. And, actually, the worst class I've ever had was a group of only 12 CM2s from the campagne, so I guess it really depends. I think I just like to complain!

Cul vs queue...you could get into a lot of trouble with that! I have a friend who once asked if there were any preservatifs in the bread to her host mom. Her host mere thought she was very etrange. I also have another great story about a friend's confusion with the world felicitations...but it's not really PG, so I'll have to save it for another time!

joy suzanne a dit…

youze funny lia.

I likes it.