03 septembre, 2008

What's on tap for this week

Does anyone else say that or is that just me slash my dad? Anyhoo, I usually hesitate to write updates until after I know the full story, but what the hay, I'll bore, I mean, inform you with what I know.

-I kinda forgot how worked up French people get over seemingly insignificant things and regardless of their importance, they tend to go on and on(and on)and on about them. Shut it, Frenchies. Seriously.

-I have once again encountered the joys of disorganization in France. While I normally am alllll for waiting til the last minute to know which classes I have, my schedule and my CDS status, I'm really not.

-I still do not know my schedule and I think I technically start on Monday, but one can't be sure.

-After I finish the schedule at New School, I have to schedule classes at Old School(hoping that they'll be free for the 2 end of afternoon times I have available on only 2 days.

-Yes, I'm teaching the college kids, oh wait I'm not, no wait I am, hold the phone, I'm not. That's how many times I've seen that change. That's been fun.

-The green card process has started on their end, I'm impatiently waiting for it to start on mine. I only have about 2.5 weeks before my old one expires. Yikes. I have to wait for everything to get approved by people outside of the school AND do a medical visit AND a journee d'integration AND go to the dreaded Trefecture AND get a recepisse. Yeesh and more yeesh.

-Note to self: stop saying yeesh.


-Note to self: never listen to advice from self.

-I have 18 classes at NS(that's New School) and 4 classes at OS. That's 8 levels and 22 different classes. Oh, plus I have 3 classes at the university level, luckily they're doing pretty much the same thing as each other. But, that means in total I will have 9 levels and 25 different classes. Yikes and a half.
-I'm only going to do three of the five jobs in the end, I just don't have the time nor will I have the energy to do anything more.
-I did or didn't wear a small, plastic pink butterfly clip right smack dab at the top of my forehead that is owned by a 5 yr old whilst diagonally crossing the city of Rennes. Nor did or did not people on the street, on the bus, at the bank, at the grocery store and in my apartment building see me with said butterfly clip. I am the shame of Rennes.
-So, what's on tap for this week, you ask? Well, besides working out my schedule(s) and possibly green card stuff, I can only hope that beer is on tap...and lots and lots of it!

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Anonyme a dit…

you think pink clip is bad? I once went to la poste with a blue clothes peg in my hair. I was using it to hold back my fringe and had forgotten about it. I doubt the people I crossed on the street, nor la postiere will though. I realised on the way back from la poste and could have died instantly.

Milk Jam a dit…

oh i know, the stress of it all!!! hang in there and good luck at work, today is my first day at New Job and that stresses me out a ton!
just out of curiosity what kind of CdS are you applying for this year? did you get PACSed and not tell us???

Andromeda a dit…

Yeesh indeed!! I think less jobs will definitely be better, as you already have plenty to worry about. If you do work on Monday, that means you still have 3/4 nights of drinking! Hurray! Have you tried Leffe Ruby? I'm into that right now.

Leah a dit…

E- You're right...a clothes peg is pretty unfortunate. I'm glad you've shamed yourself in Amiens just like I did in Rennes! :)

K- Thanks and bon courage to you too! I wish I had gotten PACSed, that would certainly have made things a lot easier in some ways. I'm not positive, but I think it's a travailleur temp if I'm not mistaken.

A- I def agree, actually if I could do 1 or 2 jobs only, that would obviously be even more ideal. On verra. Only 4 more nights of boire-ing? I guess I'd better get started now! I've had Leffe, but never Leffe Ruby. What's the ruby part of it mean?

Andromeda a dit…

ruby=fruits rouges I believe. I love the belgian cherry beers, so it's a bit like that, nice and sweet.

Au Soleil Levant a dit…

This is a late reply to an old post, but I hope that things are a little less hectic and more figured-out now!

Leah a dit…

A-That sounds miammy...will have to goute it!

ASL-Belated shmelated, any comment is always welcome at any time! Thanks for the well wishing!