15 juin, 2008

Little Snippet

I'm back from Paree after spending the weekend staying chez the artist and meeting up with a few lovely Bloggers at the K&K picnic. Since I am lazy, I mean, oh so very busy, I've decided to share a vid of the awesome view from Sam's appart and fill you in on the pique-nique later...ish.

4 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

haha, yet another sideways video!!

i had a great time this weekend though, i'm really glad you came!

Emily a dit…

lol! bless took me a second to work out what it was! xx

Leah a dit…

Sam-I know, I know...I can't get it into my head that you can't just turn the camera any which way you want. Oh well.

E-Oops! I will get better one day, I promise!!

Anonyme a dit…

Nice view indeed!