05 avril, 2008

Vrai ou faux?

True or False questions :
1) The photos in the last post are from: Avignon, Marseille, Nimes and Bordeaux.

2) Last week I fell in love with a cute, lime green, light jacket that was matched with a white shirt with pretty delicate flowers on it. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a man's coat.

3) CCL(aka Crazy Cat Lady) came by last night at 10:30 PM to ask me to translate 2 words, one of which she already knew.

4) When helping a 6 year old student color in his bonhomme's outfit, I got told that putting red and orange together was, in fact, du n'importe quoi. Exsqueeze me? Baking Powder? Are you 6 or 16?
5) NKOTB(or New Kids on the Block for those of us in the know) is planning a reunion tour and have even recorded new music together. I think they're approximately 100 years old now, but hey, maybe they've still got it! I met Jordan Knight...when I was in college aka wayyyy after they were popular and even still a few years after he had released a single as a solo artist.

The photo quiz was kind of a bust, I think I made it too hard. But, you guys should definitely be able to figure this one out. I am sadly quite predictable. So, go for it!

8 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

NKOTB...are they still alive?!


Au Soleil Levant a dit…

Dude, it happens to me way more often in this country than I care to share that I make mistakes between men and women's clothing, men and women's bathrooms.... it's a constant flow of embarrassing stories.

Leah a dit…

E-They're still holding on by a thread. Canes and walkers and all. ;)

ASL-I'm glad I'm not alone on that one! I mean, for example, a light pink slim-fitting hoodie, you'd think it would be for a girl, but then not so much...

Victoria a dit…

hey leah, could you send me sam's email address? the one on her blog bounced back to me.(and while you are at it, could you send me yours)! :)


R. Duckie a dit…

Sounds like all Vrai to me! I did recognise Bordeaux but not the others. The other things, too bizarre to make up! :)
By the way I just found your blog,it looks cool, I will check in for further reading!

Karina a dit…

was browsing on cnn and a quote reminded me of you... and your "admiration" of jodie foster:

"I don't think Abigail had ever actually swam. I hope it's swam and not swum. I went to French school so I have bad American grammar."



screamish a dit…

oh yeah the photos for sure..;except Bordeaux maybe, never been there. But of course marseille, nimes..

yeah I sw NKOTB on TV the other day stepping out from behind a red curtain....looking a little uncomfortable actually!!

Leah a dit…

V-I think things should be all covered by now, right? :)

RD-You are very right, thanks for stopping by!

K-"Admiration" is what it is. Grr. But, thanks for thinking of me!

S-Good job with the little quizzie. I'll bet they were uncomfortable...it has been, oh, about 100 years, right?