03 avril, 2008

On my way

Finally some good news, people! Firstly, I have at least 1 interview coming up and potentially a second. Which is at least better than no interview at all. Are my logic skills blowing your mind or what? So, that's bon. Then, my other exciting piece of information is that I now have plans for April vacances!!! FINALLY!!! I haven't travelled this year very much at all and I think it has left a big ol' negative impact on my psyche. I needs me some travellin or else I really start to get a major case of hot feet. Well, thanks to my good friend, L, who's here in Rennes with me and needed a travelling buddy and my favorite Avignon blogger, I'm set as a jet. For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos other people have taken so you can see where I'm heading. Five points to whoever can tell me which cities!

5 commentaires:

Victoria a dit…

i'm so glad for you!!
is it italy?

nicole a dit…

can't wait! and i won't guess since i'm aware of the plans. :-) see you soon!

joy suzanne a dit…

How fun! I wish you could come to Montpellier, but my problem (always) is that I can't "héberge" anyone.

Crystal a dit…

yay for holidays!!! Enjoy yourself immensely and take lots of pics!

Leah a dit…

V-It's France!

N-See you soon!

JS-I'd love to go to Montp, just didn't have time to squeeze it in. I'll have to go back down south at some point to see Montp and Toulouse and I'll tell you when I do!

C-Thanks, I hope you have fun with your nana!