08 avril, 2007

One wonders....

...why I choose 30 mins before I'm supposed to leave to write a post when I could be doing more productive things? Truth is, I started vaca this past Mon and have had oodles of time where I could have updated, but I just don't know where to begin. It's just not like anything a-m-a-z-i-n-g has happened since I last posted in January. I've been up to the same ol', same ol'...teaching, vaca in Feb to Puerto Rico, sortir-ing, soirees with amis and dinners...ok, that sounded snooty, but nothing to REPORT report if ya know what I mean. I suppose if I updated this thing like every week, I could talk about what happened that week and would have interesting things to say. Well, I don't, so I won't.
But, I will say this. I am leaving today to head to Lille, Bruges(in Belgium) and Tours(Loire Valley) to see the castles. I am super, super excited! There is so much of France I have yet to see, so I wanted to focus on that this vaca and since the other assistants I'm good friends with(aka two people) already had plans with fam from home and the other with her boyfriend, it wasn't like I could finaigle my french friends into taking off a week from work. So, I'm all by my lonesome-ish...I'm staying with two assistants who stayed with me at the end of Feb during their vaca who live in Lille from today(Sun.) to Wed. On Mon, I'll explore Lille. On Tues, I'll go to Bruges for the day on my own which is my very first time in Belgium. I know Belgium is known for chocolate, fries, waffles and beer....oh, what a healthy day trip that will prob be! Then, early Wed. morning, I'll head to Tours and walk around the ville a bit. And from afternoon til night, I'll go on a mini tour where I'll get to visit two castles, Le Clos Luce(where DaVinci spent the last 3 years of his life) and end the day with a wine tour. Not too shabby pour Lea! Anyway, I might be back on this thing...might even post pics...but, I can't promise much. Oh well...we'll see! Better go for now, a bientot(ish)!

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